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PERSHING 82 – Review – The Boat Show

Pershing 82

All the pleasure of yachting to the umpteenth degree, the Pershing 82 is a brillian answer to the most extreme challenge of comining compact size with the best sports features. 24m long and with a beam of 5.5m in the beam? it reaches a maximum speed of 45 knots with an autonomy of over 300 miles. Video subtitles 0:10 the dark in a program or outright also suppose on this program 0:14 but today we […]

Prestige 680 Review

Prestige 680

Coming to complete the PRESTIGE range of luxury yachts, the new PRESTIGE 680 incorporates all the usual key features that have made the PRESTIGE range a success whilst adding to those the marks of excellence of the PRESTIGE 750. Video subtitles 0:00 about an hour ago we landed at dubrovnik airport with Ben West’s down here to the 0:14 ATI Moreno in dubrovnik and today we’re going to travel from here don’t cut off 0:19 […]

Mako 19 CPX Coastal Predator

Mako 19 CPX

The new MAKO 19 CPX Coastal Predator is a multi-purpose bay boat that will put you in incontestable command of both inshore and nearshore fisheries. Video subtitles 0:01 following opinions are solely those a boat s dot com 0:04 and its test captain hi this is Eric told me for protest dot com 0:08 today will be conducting a performance review and full inspection at the Mako 0:12 19 CPX babe 0:13 since the nineteen […]