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Spirit P40 review

Spirit P40 Video Review

Spirit Yachts has incorporated practicality as well as beauty into the Spirit P40, offering the flexibility of either a luxurious leisure motor cruiser or stylish superyacht tender. This stunning motor yacht shares all the hallmarks of style and technical finesse synonymous with Spirit’s sailing yacht range. Video subtitles 0:00 so we’re on the spirit he feels he can show which is a beautiful British build 0:09 all wooden 0:11 so the whole itself is made […]

Navetta 52

Navetta 52 by Absolute Yachts

The great dream of a seaman is to afford long sailings, gazing at the horizon, without sacrificing the daily comforts available on the mainland. With no doubt, the Navetta 52 will succeed in meeting this desire, raising charm and curiosity thanks to the combination of the spaces size, the efficiency and the refinement of its details. Video subtitles 0:11 today to test 0:17 better 52 by absolute 0:21 a few days ago I was at […]

Invictus 280GT

Invictus 280GT

The GT 280, the first born, has an “half-reverse bow”, sharp and sturdy at the same time. Its pure sides are handled “ad hoc”, with homogeneous transitions from solid to empty, making an exception for the windows and air inlets, made as simple fissures to stress the monolithic signs created on purpose by Christian Grande. The choice of this special bow shape increases the floating length, guaranteeing more longitudinal stability and offering more space in […]

CIGARETTE 42 Huntress – Review

CIGARETTE 42 Huntress

The 42′ Huntress exemplifies Cigarette’s determination to continually innovate and expand its horizons. By merging a performance hull with an entertainment-centric deck and cabin created a total lifestyle powerboat.The efficient hull propels this boat up to exhilarating speeds yet even with its gracious and spacious deck and lounge, the boat’s its extreme agility and easy-handling belie its size. Video subtitles 0:14 one 0:15 to 3 45 engines what a sight 0:22 RGPV more than a […]