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Suzukino 380 Revew

suzukino 380

XRC 380 is the top of the range, the tenders. The abatement system of the engine is electrohydraulic and controlled by means of remote control. It guarantees maximum comfort with six comfortable seats, performance at high levels and is also equipped with bilge pump and hydraulic steering. Video subtitles 0:01 world 0:10 seem like a majority 0:11 the sun is just come on over Lego match your e so there’s enough time to have a […]

AQA 35

AQA 35

The motorboat 35 is born from the necessity to propose to the public a boat that allows to live the sea as a complete experience, an absolute novelty because conceived as natant , featuring a classical Italian style that re-defines the Open Yacht concept, with as per first objective sobriety and concreteness. Video subtitles 0:08 today I’m at san Felice church area an ideal place for those of you who are not 0:18 vote because […]

Swan 80 Review

Swan 80

The new Frers-designed Swan 80 is a good case in point. Here is a boat that is intended to be both a racing and a cruising boat. This has been Swan’s approach as long as I can remember. Video subtitles 0:06 on 0:09 7 prison pellicano need to introduce the now to boat yard 0:13 finish based maker of some of the most glorious posts ever made 0:17 in the history of sailing they started […]

Nitro ZV 18 Review 2015

Nitro ZV 18

The new 2015 Nitro ZV 18 is a slightly smaller version of the already acclaimed ZV 21. Nitro designed the ZV 18 for the multi-species fishing angler, meaning multi-tackle, multi-bait, multi-livewell and multi-rod stowage. Video subtitles 0:00 following opinions are solely those of boat test dot com and it’s Test captain 0:05 hi I’m erik Cole before boat test dot com today we’re going to be doing a full 0:09 performance evaluation and inspection on […]