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Folle corsa a 90 mph! OUTERLIMITS SL36

Folle corsa a 90 mph! OUTERLIMITS SL36

Jump on board the boat of your dreams with The Boat Show! Video subtitles 0:09gisela mayer che significa entrare in un mondo straordinario dove il divertimento 0:13 sembra contare chiodi. 0:16 cosa si può giungere al piacere di questa città 0:20 cartello shock una corsa in barca ma non sei una barca croazia 0:30 visto and outer limits sl37 0:34 outer limits and one del cantiere vuol dire oltre i limiti 36 è la lunghezza […]

Yamaha 242 Limited 2011

Yamaha 242 Limited Boat 2011

The 2011 Yamaha 242 Limited is an agile jet boat that is ready to play every time you fire up its engines. Talking about the engines, the Yamaha 242 Limited is propelled by a two 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 16-valve High Output Yamaha Marine engines with a displacement of 1812cc (each). The engines are fed by a pretty generous fuel tank that has a capacity of 50 GAL. Video subtitles 0:04 the opinions expressed in the video […]

CIGARETTE 42 Huntress – Review

CIGARETTE 42 Huntress

The 42′ Huntress exemplifies Cigarette’s determination to continually innovate and expand its horizons. By merging a performance hull with an entertainment-centric deck and cabin created a total lifestyle powerboat.The efficient hull propels this boat up to exhilarating speeds yet even with its gracious and spacious deck and lounge, the boat’s its extreme agility and easy-handling belie its size. Video subtitles 0:14 one 0:15 to 3 45 engines what a sight 0:22 RGPV more than a […]