AQA 35

The motorboat 35 is born from the necessity to propose to the public a boat that allows to live the sea as a complete experience, an absolute novelty because conceived as natant , featuring a classical Italian style that re-defines the Open Yacht concept, with as per first objective sobriety and concreteness.

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0:08 today I’m at san Felice church area an ideal place for those of you who are not
0:18 vote because here even if you can’t see them on time
0:22 islands a true paradise just
0:25 but how will you reach them with a motorbike
0:34 thought this here is the AQA 35 but pay attention to how it’s spelled if you
0:40 want to find it online
0:42 this boat is built not very far from here in FEMA Chino to be exact on the
0:51 banks of the river to their built by an up-and-coming shipyard whose management
0:56 and professional workforce however are some of the most important and
0:59 experienced figures in the field with a
1:05 the first model released and it currently in the process of constructing
1:09 a fifty five-foot as well
1:15 with them on their list model hua 35 has been registered within the 10 metre
1:23 length category even if it actually measures 12 meters in total from bow to
1:27 stern been here
1:33 the added benefit of its which measures meters which offers in a space in full
1:38 without compromising performance in an argument he listened to meet you can we
1:45 look at the whole we can see that these sections that our deepest are actually
1:49 quite narrow gauge rise at the office well over 24 degrees and this means that
1:54 this boat is suitable for growing fast in choppy water seems like it would be
2:00 suitable for someone young and athletic
2:04 tolerance still just said ok I might not be young but I sure can go fast
2:39 below the promontory of church what a beautiful view the cave in peace the US
2:46 named because of that rock that hangs from the roof of the cave let’s take a
2:50 look now to take a look at the DEC
2:57 I like the darkness of the tinted windshield that matches the color of the
3:01 hole between these two elements the deck what is snow and shiny to be able to
3:05 walk barefoot without burning your feet even in the middle of August
3:12 incorporated is safety of style nobody wants to see a speedboat with
3:17 horrendously high and route however since they are necessary
3:20 they’ve managed to install a low profile handrail almost invisible but very
3:25 useful
3:28 let’s examine just a moment longer the technical aspect of this boat those who
3:36 often venture out to sea know very well the importance comfort and usefulness of
3:40 a large tank but it’s difficult to position and it costs a lot of money
3:45 well the designer of this motor boat did what he had to do and he installed two
3:49 large tanks of 500 litres each total you can use up to 900 litres of fuel and
3:54 still have 100 litres despair and that’s not all about like this was made to
3:59 enjoy a good swim but when you are many imports there is enough water for
4:03 everyone to shower here there are an extra 400 litres of water in the
4:08 reserved
4:11 and I saw your apartment or a large dog women 35 repeatedly say that pretty now
4:19 it’s time to see what she can do to Volvo Penta diesel engines 370
4:25 horsepower each day using to encounter
4:36 door really touched the accelerator we’re at 1615 Reds a minute and we
4:44 already planning at a speed of 10 not things are looking good
5:00 for example 2525 violence is perfect but just enough to avoid too much resistance
5:25 on the help I can very well see the area in front of me where I’m going to
5:29 navigate and I’m not a leader
5:37 73 Scopus
5:42 sorry frankly I don’t understand why anyone who sells recreationally would
5:47 ever be in a hurry
5:48 anyway if you wanna rush you can push the engines up to 3200 resume and you’ll
5:53 still be a cruising speed also you 2800 2900 we’ve already past 30 knots 3000
6:07 race start lifting the trip because in this moment the thrust of the propellers
6:16 and the thrust of the water on the stern of the hull is changing the balance I
6:20 want to increase the angle of incident now on the bow and so I will use the
6:25 trip in this way the engines become even more efficient
6:29 3200 regimented cruising speed 36 not help to reach the font on islands
6:35 located less than 18 miles it should take about half an hour from to church
6:40 fantastic to be comfortable ergonomic seating area is widened to people but
6:52 what about the other seat yes I’m talking about the passenger seat of a
6:56 comfortable let’s find out
6:58 jeje played over the world
8:40 control
9:15 ok
10:47 should be able to
10:58 managed to put a
11:16 generator
11:42 the possibility

The most important innovation is constituted by the innovative “open” stern and broad windscreen that emphasize the aggressive character and the slender design.
Its powered by the new generation of Volvo Penta engines, capable to guarantee not only cruise speed of 35 knots but also low fuel consumption, ensuring a reduced environmental impact.
And it is with the willing to achieve at the best these aims that the “AQA” team experiments constant improvements regarding the construction process, with a constantly research of innovative materials, like the replaced use of the Carbon fiber, that fixed on the critical points of the hull assures a greater speed and stability.

Furthermore in order to guarantee the uniqueness of each boat, that must be the image of the owner, AQA offers to costumers a wholly customization service.

That goes from the choice of the colour of the hull and the teak, to the various essences of the tapestry for the inside cabins.

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