Some boats look like there’s no space to make them better, but the new Azimut 50 Fly shows us that there’s no limit to improvement, still remaining into the traditional guidelines

How can you better a 16 meter yacht, not just by adding some features and a couple of feet in the name? Azimut took their old 48, and decided to reinvent her completely. Not only the result is very good, but it seems to be the starting point for a whole redesign of the range, with the same process initiated some months ago with Azimut 80, now in a much wider segment of the market. For these reasons and a genuine interest I went to Varazze, close to Savona, for a preview and a first test of the new 50.

Video subtitles

0:06 ok
0:08 orgy promising people that are bored you know your
0:11 that get back in it. today as always I’m going to take you on board a yacht
0:16 your lovers will definitely be interested in it but my main aim for
0:20 today
0:20 is to get those Boettcher watches who know nothing about boat
0:23 to come on board with us because the azimuth 50 for many reasons
0:27 is a reference point for the market
0:30 for free because %uh April 22 adamant can’t get a
0:33 young already there internet on it gecko 32 firstly
0:37 it’s produced by Azimut the international leader that comes from
0:40 Italy
0:41 the success has been built on making this time the boat
0:44 it’s a 50 footer which means it’s close to 60 meters long
0:49 just right for big family and for sailing and forgetting by over the waves
0:53 on the run
0:55 with the name of the school day ap Gwilym isn’t the people
0:58 Southern Bell and get there’s no question that its stylish modern
1:02 and yet timeless it’ll be gorgeous even in a few years time
1:05 it’s a flying bridge so the first thing you know she’s
1:08 is extra point a character the up a bridge they stretched it out
1:13 right up to the stern so it’s more spacious would
1:17 it comes with a hardtop so the living area can be shaded
1:20 over the table and sofa from over there
1:23 you can see how they’ve designed the bridge from the bow not just the
1:27 traditional Sunday
1:28 the mattress is comfortable protected to and
1:31 their cup holders is quite a wide angle he is so the cabin must be quite wide
1:37 let’s have a look how they played out inside
1:40 0
1:42 Primavera when you have a minute input that Doc festival
1:45 I want to show you the cockpit that stretches up to the Bowser is more spice
1:49 and you can furnish the school how you want a boy let me show you
1:53 this very useful accessory submersible platform
1:56 audit by told you that this is a boat show but it’s a whole lot more
2:01 interior furnishings are contemporary international
2:04 welcoming and well impeccable
2:09 with a grand if he’s big windows mean you can really appreciate the panorama
2:13 even when you sitting down he’ll ever be doing approve a rate that a wooden he
2:18 treated furniture
2:19 is hardwearing elegance marine style and homestyle
2:23 at the same time this is the tendency
2:26 you there are two living areas
2:29 one seating area and want dining area for six there are also six bed
2:33 as well as those for the crew a column at Odeon laying your head the saudi
2:38 in which a Seattle on a key at the future this is the Captain’s Quarters
2:41 the word fabrics unlike natural and electric
2:45 aru brushes the stylist is used to playing this week the dressing area
2:49 the wardrobe and television it’s all here on a technical note
2:53 the drawers in the wardrobe added together abouhalima 30,000 latest
2:57 a bathroom really stands out for its beauty also because it’s comfortable
3:01 with shoutbox that you can City I of BP
3:04 I need your familiarity summary said about them it was a double room with
3:08 bunk beds just two guests friends or family and a double cabin with his Lotus
3:13 place
3:13 they’ve managed to carve out a storeroom that will hold
3:16 1200 liters it seems incredible and yet below deck
3:20 as even a spacious kitchen that has everything a shift would want
3:24 222 fridge other with grill
3:27 ceramic hob and a dishwasher
3:31 I’ll I’ll
3:38 that both the DPI Jordan Flight region not the more the cheaper
3:42 drivers area on this as the mid 50s flying bridge
3:45 is perfectly kitted out exactly like it is on the main bridge
3:48 too big displaced which you can read what the engine is doing
3:52 and look at maps course with that we’ve done is to not those women 30 but we’ll
3:56 be in touch
3:56 you on this particular but they’ve installed to Volvo Penta
4:00 d 11 670 engines the way to power ratio is light
4:04 at fifteen kilos per horsepower but fully loaded a prices too
4:08 17.52 kilos per horsepower this means
4:12 that they haven’t exaggerated but the power but they haven’t wanted to waste
4:15 it either
4:16 which is clever but will it be enough
4:19 committed to get me you got ok good luck with that joining on all
4:22 out but eventually he definitely way
4:26 saying week the building methods they followed up top notch
4:29 the resin and then sandwich structure and shows a slight
4:32 like this low you can be sure that it’s going to be strong the whole time
4:37 and for safety to you Conseil using less petulant
4:40 about his lighter it is said to be joint
4:43 couple of idea at the beginning of this piece on biting all those known but
4:47 lovers on board
4:48 so has anyone fallen in love yet David A
4:52 he of waste of everyday in about a week don’t you want to see how you drive a
4:57 boat like this
4:58 do you know to drive the boat may be easy may be difficult
5:02 and he doesn’t just depend on the pilot but the design it to
5:05 the builder and even down to sum up the accessories
5:08 like the joystick which needs to be maneuvered easily
5:13 that will shake it up of at this document travel
5:16 avail lefcourt now then so we really see how this boat goes
5:19 going to accelerate a backup
5:25 all what affect we go quite like the boat is nice
5:29 and level keeps it balanced very important it meet its easy to use
5:34 thing i think i should get the end up going to be carted off
5:37 you call for are usually you choose the most comfortable cruising speed
5:40 according to the sea conditions
5:42 and today play on just right
5:46 come on gotta be up to cannot be neck some interesting facts right technical
5:50 friends
5:50 11.69 its 1,350 recommended
5:54 this is the minimum plane XP now lmao let’s try cruising
5:59 it about you and go eat at me it and it looked like a
6:02 three notable for intrude if the boat can offer a wide range speed
6:06 that makes it comfortable the quicker the own it can choose to get
6:10 to its average on the estimate fifty I so you can silent 15 knots all
6:14 well let’s find out
6:23 I think I’m gonna do not have not been with the G badnaam all
6:26 everything and we’re not even with the maximum speed of the
6:30 as mid-fifties over thirty two knots with the engines revving it 2,450 reps a
6:35 minute
6:35 and that’s against the wind and the sea the maximum speed
6:39 isn’t such an important figure on a pleasure boat but it helps us understand
6:42 what the potential is
6:44 to manage the engines whatever happens whether that be a blast have
6:48 unexpected wing or search of C
6:52 I get within a few feeling even at this be this pope feels great
7:00 I got paid get a bunny got a problem
7:04 thought is happening turning is a pleasure because the boat response
7:07 eagerly
7:07 I know exactly where the point the Ballys and remember this boat is nearly
7:11 60 meters long
7:21 for the thought not be with you bank that now about company
7:24 Apple I like reject Gandhi that became
7:28 as you’ve seen the estimate fifties all boat it’s got everything
7:31 the flying bridge launch some areas six birds contemporary furnishings
7:35 and lovely fittings well-planned electrics and the perfect powered
7:39 engines
7:39 in malls up and rhymes easily so like I said
7:43 as a boat it is a benchmark which of course wouldn’t be the case if
7:46 adding that wasn’t a leader Bob can cripple calls out
7:52 it but in a bid to consider and is still something else to take into
7:55 consideration when you’re thinking of buying a 50-foot flying bridge
8:06 clipper for the video but how else can I show you how stable the
8:11 as you with fifty fly is it doesn’t have stabilizes
8:14 done
8:17 ok

Technical characteristics

Length overall (incl. pulpit) 15.88 m (52’1”)
Hull length (incl. platform) 15.54 m (50’11”)
Beam max 4.66 m (15’3”)
Draft (incl. props at full load) 1.52 m (4′ 11”)
Displacement (at full load) 24,85 t
Engines 2 x 670 mHP (493 kW) Volvo D11
Maximum speed (performance test mass) 32 kn
Cruising speed (performance test mass) 26 kn
Fuel capacity 2.200 l (581 U.S. Gal)
Water capacity 590 l (156 U.S. Gal)
Cabins 3 + 1
Berths 6 + 1
Head compartments 2 + 1
Building material VTR/GRP
Exterior styling & concept Stefano Righini
Interior designer Carlo Galeazzi
Hull designer Pierluigi Ausonio Naval Architecture & Azimut Yachts
Keel V-shape with angle of deadrise 12° aft
Builder Azimut Yachts

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