Azimut’s styling is unmistakable. And it is delivered with such confidence and panache, especially in the S-class range. Look at those angles, the bold, reflective window shapes, that steely “Miami Silver” hull paint. And the bow, snub-nosed in profile, an axe-blade edge—no one else would risk something like that. Even the detailing seems daring. The cool-looking carbon-and-steel grille on the stem, so cleverly reminiscent of a classic Alfa Romeo, is designed, apparently, to protect the boat’s gelcoat from the anchor. It’s such a stand-out feature though, that if it was my boat I’d probably be more worried about damaging the grille.

Video subtitles

0:09 in home
0:14 up usually big yachts have two engines
0:18 but there is the rare occasion when they don’t for example this Azimut 55s
0:23 but isn’t an advantage or not how to three engines maneuver
0:28 how efficient is the propulsion unit with two engines have been better
0:33 according to my story well here on three engines
0:36 Volvo painters d6 is 435 horsepower
0:40 age with an IPS proposed system with contracting propellers
0:44 leader just fear right under the boat had a pointed towards the boundary
0:48 usually no one looks at the structure of the boat
0:51 but let’s have a look at how these ones our money carbon fiber
0:55 for the walls gay marriage supporters and even the whole closest to the party
0:59 and then there are the trees and the cabins
1:06 how we can get here
1:09 well let’s make a start one to
1:12 3 three engines on week killjoy there’s a joystick here that works independently
1:19 for each of the three engines
1:21 and three potion systems that can turn independently of each other
1:24 but if they do for example the right engine can turn to the left
1:29 and getting gear going forward and the left engine content rights when
1:33 reversing
1:34 and a third what do you think about
1:39 the very big at the a this will be really difficult if there wasn’t a
1:42 joystick
1:43 I need a third hand to manage the three engines
1:47 what an opportunity and the precision a Swiss clock
1:50 %uh home
1:52 and
1:56 I can control 100 horsepower and direct is
1:59 wherever I want
2:09 brilliant and now we’re out at the Harbor we can really appreciate this
2:12 boat
2:12 %uh
2:19 it so beautifully designed I wonder if the design a star CB form or function
2:24 look at the side window it doesn’t stop and it seems as if it’s just too good to
2:29 look at
2:29 but it works too in fact from inside you can see everything
2:33 %uh
2:37 I really like this land to the deck house again you may think it’s just a
2:41 look pretty
2:41 but it really protects the cockpit so you can barbecue when it rains
2:45 and if it’s any well there’s the shining now
2:51 let’s go up to the bow where I can show you something quite original
2:54 the opera Viva which is the part of the whole that touches the water
2:59 it’s Lance rightly so above though the straight line has been sculptured by the
3:04 designer with a pretty clean vertical cut
3:07 on which there’s a shield that has inserts in
3:10 inbox and carbon the design isn’t just an
3:13 to be pretty in fact under their as a crew cab
3:19 the bow bridge has a son area with headrest
3:21 and that’s not all as even a sofa and this is a lovely idea that she usually
3:26 don’t find on a 55-foot earn
3:29 let’s go back to the bow he something that’s very practical would be
3:34 is the beach and the garage and the slider for the tender
3:37 all moved electrically even a Sunday would be
3:43 living area and copy to one
3:45 at the open space that welcomes up to 12 guests on board but
3:51 don’t be frightened of getting the fabric suede in fact they’ve been put
3:54 here on purpose
3:55 the same as outside but this chair next to the pilots chair
4:01 adapts to become an integral part of the living area the kitchen is impeccable
4:05 it’s got everything including a few makes me wonder what the captains
4:09 quarters will be like
4:12 got their own bed by the time as a fantastic view from here tonight debate
4:16 easy
4:16 diagonally as well as the usual wardrobes there are many other
4:19 compartments the clouds
4:22 want to remind people and how sweet is this tea for two
4:27 so we’ve had a look at the Captain’s Quarters which obviously has a private
4:31 bathroom
4:31 but on the Azimut 55s they’ve also found space for two couches
4:36 and a double cabin at the bow both have use how
4:40 he’ll ask on a fifty-five 33 engines
4:43 well obviously the as he would engineers perform miracles
4:46 and it’s time to get comfortable
4:55 about you and put my foot down
4:59 you cannot do a decade iraq just gone with doing each engine has two
5:02 propellers
5:03 and there are three engines so in total were being pushed forward by six
5:07 gonna be free by Tony and there’s a big difference in comparison with a
5:11 traditional boats that has two engines and two propellers
5:13 it’s like comparing a car with two motorized wheels
5:17 and one with six have you ever seen a six wheel drive vehicle
5:20 well we’ve even tried one
5:27 Bakunin or make up inside it’s got fantastic traction
5:30 to compensate for the speed I need to lower the flaps in order to be able to
5:34 see well enough
5:37 became a been protecting got to get the way well-protected if we come across bad
5:41 weather
5:41 but on a lovely day like today lets you feel the wind too
5:54 gonna Crematory your room oh really got with three engines the noise the
5:58 vibrations and even consumption
6:00 should be way more than the average two engine boat
6:03 but then again causing the pain know that I can got up
6:06 gmail consumption depends on cylinders turnover horsepower
6:10 and how efficient propulsion system is which in this case is very high
6:13 more than twenty percent higher than a traditional shaft
6:20 have been to know the your home already at 20 knots noise levels are at sixty 60
6:25 be I
6:26 pretty quiet all three engines are synced and 2,500 grams
6:30 a minute and vibration let’s try and balance a camera here
6:34 that’s pretty stable 9 the pictures not wobbly
6:37 I’d say that was pretty good
6:42 woman now and what happens if we go as fast as we can
6:46 well that’s that
6:49 camelot back where it well but strange
6:53 we haven’t got to the maximum yet 2,850 read too many
6:57 here we go 2900 and a speed of
7:01 while 20 knots not much for seventy me to both with 1,305 horsepower
7:07 okay but we are doing with that plan on being I don’t think that Volvo I Z mod
7:13 will be too happy with that
7:14 so let’s turn on the third engine
7:20 all of you get here on a particular legal
7:23 about now we cooking that’s more like it
7:26 this is a sporty but the engines have reached top speed and we’re going 35
7:30 knots
7:35 money
7:35 but I’ma we still don’t know what happens when we all of a sudden push the
7:39 bar
7:44 hit up join this is something we definitely shouldn’t do
7:48 especially as other boats come predicted so they could find themselves in
7:52 difficulty
7:53 and it could even cause an accident but we need to do it because it helps us
7:57 understand how we are doing at the helm
7:59 and how it’s interpreted by the boat I E does it playfully Mira
8:03 are commands oh yes very good
8:06 it has a narrow hole with deep V which serves to go fast
8:11 as well as when it’s choppy and to hold the route
8:24 never heard about the deeper I wanted to try it out because I just love the lines
8:27 of this boat
8:28 but also because I wanted to see how it did with three engines
8:34 well i think im looking for so now we know that the joystick maneuvers
8:38 all three perfectly and we’ve seen that it has a high dynamic efficiency
8:42 class we discovered that in terms of engines it only needs to
8:46 the third is just to spare leads more than a

Technical characteristics

Length overall (incl. pulpit) 17.29 m (56′ 9”)
Hull length (incl. platform) 16.60 m (54′ 5”)
Beam max 4,75 m (15′ 7”)
Draft (incl. props at full load) 1.14 m (3′ 9”)
Displacement (at full load) 23.22 t
Engines 3 x 435 mHP (320 kW) VOLVO D6 – IPS 600
Maximum speed (performance test mass) 35 kn
Cruising speed (performance test mass) 30 kn
Fuel capacity 1600 l (423 U.S. Gal)
Water capacity 590 l (156 U.S. Gal)
Cabins 3 + 1
Berths 6 + 1
Head compartments 2 + 1
Building material VTR/GRP and carbon fiber
Exterior styling & concept Stefano Righini
Interior designer Carlo Galeazzi
Keel V-shape with angle of deadrise 15.8° aft
Builder Azimut Yachts


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