With an innovative engine setup, lots of luxuries, and fun performance attributes, the Azimut 77S proves the future is now.

Video subtitles

0:06 ok
0:10 somali opting some here we are at the cans using Festival where there are
0:14 hundreds of boats
0:15 but I’m particularly impressed with this new model the azinger
0:19 77 s somewhat you ask you so special about it
0:28 well its sporty even if it is a fly
0:34 lovely interiors therefore cabins and four bathrooms
0:40 3 living areas outside
0:44 and three engines in the machinery so
0:48 let’s not waste any time off we go
0:56 else it but the fact that he’s seventy-seven foot-long so almost 24
0:59 meters
1:00 weighs 56 tons and has 2700
1:06 picked off booty guilty of the with the quality of different other books
1:11 silk there are three inches to so I guess you’ll be asking with won only two
1:16 levers easy they control the external motors
1:19 when they are together in the same position the actively
1:23 the central engine for more power
1:28 it was the money on another bus in less than a week day
1:30 mother 2010 on it what would a new model more like this
1:33 maneuvers can be made traditionally more simply by using a joystick
1:37 me this boat that’s almost 24 meters what can be more
1:41 easily even subways penis on another machine room has three
1:49 diesel units by involved can check the be
1:53 13 model at 900 horsepower each one so
1:57 let’s hurry up and get out of candles so we can try it out home
2:06 contact with the people you with this kinda propulsion comes the possibility
2:09 for large
2:11 some spice here we’ve managed four cabins and four bathrooms
2:14 is the engines have been moved right to the furthest point to the stern
2:18 as well as the machine which to is right at the back
2:21 the bud
2:26 who attacked us a possibility 12 wiews always underneath the horizon
2:30 because the intruders a controlled automatically yet to the axis is putting
2:34 with even in this initial phase are planing
2:40 to the Internet you possibly landscaping about K
2:42 mostly clear that any data complete any didn’t acceleration is pretty good
2:46 because the county sunlight
2:47 it’s an all in one home and superstructure together
2:51 there are six propellers 83 changes not BS propeller
2:55 turned towards the back cynical do
3:02 human being not you know Yemen call fun
3:04 past we’re going twenty knots sailing into comfort it some signs
3:09 and we can see me 250 liters an hour let’s give it a bit more
3:15 with the prevailing in the lot 3 per la produzione it but I miss that one of the
3:19 problems with
3:19 triple propulsion could be an increasingly because there are three
3:23 engines
3:24 to back you when I’m at all Sanya
3:27 but the sell me two sons
3:31 just a little over 60 dB 8/ 25 not fantastic
3:35 his reason why just call it a maturity at do Pico
3:38 each of the three engines is smaller than you would use on a twin-engine
3:42 on home
3:46 link between Saudi waste a trip with your name depicted beach a soap
3:51 you can really see how efficient it is when you’re going about 25 knots
3:54 petrol consumption is just over 300 liters home
4:00 and about the modem with the cleanup I don’t forget that that point
4:03 provide like nothing about it we need to know return not your computer has worked
4:07 a lot on hold
4:08 designed it and then gone into a naval base to tested
4:12 them back to the drawing board to make some changes to end up with a perfect
4:16 solution
4:16 I wanna Karina I move on and got it’s a v-shaped hull
4:20 but in the end at the stern with the key in the same tunnel
4:23 it opens up which helps the water flow easier towards the central engines
4:27 propelling
4:28 and the final part of the boat is clear slightly raised
4:31 so that the three engines are higher give less resistance in the water
4:42 must emerge in many countries are delighted with underfed as you at
4:45 seventy-seven
4:46 SE’s maximum cruising speed is 30 knots but he’s bad as fast as he can go on
4:54 know that they have everything to gain more than look at the profound about to
4:58 in a sec for the car chase triangle well you need to take into account that this
5:02 model
5:03 fun trying out is fully laden down fully furnished
5:06 full story full potential to as well as water
5:09 between the with on the bill yeah we’ll
5:13 not so well right now and maximum weight possible and we going
5:16 33 knots so with about a third allowed
5:19 week probably get to 34 35 knots
5:30 with me
5:33 in have
5:39 had
5:41 on the fact that I can get things you know if there was any PT with a bucket
5:44 joining say but oh that is the blue eyes to paid a lot of attention to weight
5:48 distribution it
5:49 for example the petrol tank key structural lies along the keel
5:53 axes so that the variance in petrol don’t influence the balance
5:57 and then the superstructure is very light the antenna mast on the fly
6:01 bridges carbon
6:02 mice approximately forty nine kilos
6:09 got up to get you a lesson certificates the proper need be I thought it was the
6:13 back it’s an issue
6:14 the nicest thing is how you feel when you’re driving about on
6:17 being at the helm in how quiet it is right here face up to get settled in all
6:21 done on fourth-and-goal
6:23 us in London but getting model just think but it’s not because the boat has
6:27 been put together perfectly
6:28 buddies with great fixtures but also because if the
6:31 and last week’s that absorb the vibrations working on hold
6:36 the rails are inclined so they don’t interfere with the water so don’t make
6:39 any noise
6:40 at the stern the rounds inverted so they literally hold onto the water when the
6:45 boat is turning
6:45 so it’s more precise direction wised
6:52 someone about God I’ve been a solo pic anyway
6:55 a boat is a beautiful just because at the white looks a fascinating design
6:59 but also because the designer for Halloween superstructure
7:02 and the furnishings makes life more comfortable on board something which
7:07 as he would without a doubt is market leader
7:13 happy with that but the fact that affect the operator I think people to be done
7:16 drunky as he went 77 offers a lot of options for the pilot
7:20 he here from the flying bridge off from the main bridge
7:25 like opening the roof to feel as if you were in the open it’s a very versatile
7:29 closed
7:30 do
7:34 enough love you want to be stuck in conformity what parking for 133 oil
7:37 I beethoven had to be quick in Mecca your that most we’ve seen 419 latest
7:42 conceived in our
7:43 but the true advantage to this point is that we’ve measured petrol consumption
7:47 at cruising speed and it is 20 percent less than a blow to the same size
7:51 wat and speak or not get the ball so now we’re going back into the can sport
8:00 we can have a look inside
8:09 it has a sporty look and feel typical for the s collection of yachts
8:13 even if it is a flybridge
8:20 they’ve put seen enormous side windows because the structure has been
8:23 reinforced with Kevlar
8:28 sees reflecting light crystal to you can’t really see inside
8:31 but from inside the outside looks clear instill
8:39 it’s a unique boat because the upper breaches a soft-top
8:42 like it’s open
8:49 there are 3 living areas the one at the bow has a coffee table
8:53 on the fly there’s enough space to organize as he will at the stern an
8:57 electric top covers the launching area and Sunday
8:59 the mobile external kitchen has a fridge Obama
9:08 Pakistan the big deal opens the hangers where you’ll find
9:11 to 10 days
9:14 homes have been studied the money detailed in order to assure
9:18 but they are very easy to use
9:23 Terios a bike our local easy as usual two-piece use of color
9:28 that makes it fresh modern shines a brotherhood
9:32 with finally won never
9:37 it’s not the guests with the boat is a worker vast that comes from handiwork
9:40 the partisans and technicians without him a yacht would just be a design
9:47 be a the living area and cough it work together without various
9:51 the French doors open two thirds and there’s no interruption between the
9:55 anterior
9:55 and exterior damage
10:00 the launching area has a black setting glass table that seats
10:03 eight
10:06 the sofas in the living room area seat 82
10:11 a 42-inch television comes out of the cabinet
10:16 a look at this important i texting the door it pits on the side
10:20 to make it easier to maneuver
10:29 the kitchen is in the mezzanine and has all the appliances
10:32 is natural light that comes from the ceiling and as a gallery
10:35 under the floor
10:42 how can you not be happy in the Captain’s Quarters like this beautiful
10:45 furnishings
10:46 double window TV behind the mirror tea for two and the Wardrobe
10:54 Barclays dark grey ceramic in forest brown marble
11:03 about the IP campaign comes with separate bathroom and dressing table
11:07 ceiling height never goes below two meters
11:15 then there are two double cabins lumley three drunks
11:18 the crew had two campaigns with three bucks
11:27 they will shed to designing I chose to look at the azimuth 77
11:31 yes because I was amazed by sporty lines but then I was intrigued by the triple
11:35 engine
11:36 and during the test I discovered it goes very well
11:39 it’s really quiet now I can really say this pope
11:44 is great stuff in

Technical characteristics

Length overall (incl. pulpit) 23,6 m (77′ 5”)
Hull length (incl. platform) 23,54 m (77′ 2”)
Beam max 5,55 m (18′ 3”)
Draft (incl. props at full load) 1.64 m (5′ 5”)
Displacement (at full load) 58 t
Engines 3 x 900 mHP (662 kW) VOLVO D13 – IPS 1200
Maximum speed (performance test mass) 36 kn
Cruising speed (performance test mass) 32 kn
Fuel capacity 4000 l (1056 U.S. Gal)
Water capacity 1100 l (290 U.S. Gal)
Cabins 4 + 2 crew
Berths 8 + 3 crew
Head compartments 4 + 1 crew
Building material VTR/GRP
Exterior styling & concept Stefano Righini
Interior designer Carlo Galeazzi
Hull designer Pierluigi Ausonio Naval Architecture & Azimut Yachts
Keel V-shape with deadrise 14° aft
Builder Azimut Yachts

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