Bavaria Sport 330 Review

The new Sport 330 has been added to Bavaria’s motor boat range in early summer 2015. It will not only be offered as a very sporty “open” but is also available as a hardtop version. Because of the high demand by clients, it is for the first time that the shipyard offers a HT-version with a rigid top on a power boat of this size.

Video subtitles

0:00 this is the various sports 33030 so you’ve been some major improvements many
0:19 in the cockpit also down below and there’s been a general improvement in
0:23 quality as well as any I’ve noticed as I’ve been on board today we’ve actually
0:27 been at the nielsen photoshoot see and this bodes fitted with a pair of hedges
0:33 d 32 twenties nice match for the vote that we have noticed is that quite noisy
0:42 record no easy anyway
0:47 enjoyed
0:51 with highs operating solving stuff we did find exactly the same thing on both
0:56 the C Line estimates say so I think it’s something
1:00 restricted
1:01 Pullman
1:03 guy who were fine but failed
1:08 3005 when he’s doing it
1:13 know when to build major fun today in transit quiet out of it
1:21 while tricks then drives me mad dash to the water enough to great
1:32 greatly and still cold front you know you can learn
1:37 but
1:40 really stick to this
1:43 great fun but it’s a thought
1:47 the driving environment where children who would you like it
1:51 I’ve been in the house for a good amount of time today
1:55 very comfortable having just the same thing but I’m not replace the whale
1:59 place I can’t see anything very clearly
2:03 it’s a very comfortable
2:04 place to join the fight really picked me very Nazis
2:08 as opposed to the CDC it’s not that this blood
2:13 is still the most attractive looking for the same but its high speed
2:17 summed up very easily
2:18 every day
2:20 the house is locked in places to go for training is no cup holders are hoping
2:26 that everybody good but strange that they have included anyway these stores a
2:31 check or the side of the cockpit of the 330 and this is where the major changes
2:38 come over what you have here you have a main seating area located aft two good
2:44 sized on this boat big table really nice and you can get many people around to
2:50 eat and drink
2:51 opposite is this forward facing seating area is not quite as good as on the C
2:59 Line cause it’s el sheik’s on the c30 but it’s an improvement was here before
3:03 and it does mean you have two people up with the skipper when you’re going along
3:08 and they’re facing the right way somewhere it does lose out slightly on
3:12 the rivals is engineered access others have hydraulic rams that lift up the
3:18 entire our section on the decks are you have fantastic you drop through a hatch
3:25 ladder in here so it’s a long way down and then there’s not a room above the
3:30 agency the same as on the rivals however it makes up for that
3:36 downstairs and look at the accommodation so down here is where the slightly
3:44 taller looks this vote really controlling because you get huge amount
3:48 down just reading a space is aided by really good utilization might see big
3:56 hatcher
3:58 hatchet about the door here what’s inside and hatch over
4:04 policy down here is much improved this is the teak wood in the cabinets just a
4:21 touch points for interns the layout we have this done out here so I was
4:45 finished and it really feels very grown-up doesn’t feel like it belongs to
4:57 a thirty foot boat and only the space is good deals here as well
5:01 missile storage unit hair hanging storage opens doors to the right side
5:07 they’re even have not just can’t I like the shoe rack so the detailing off today
5:14 see on both sides this shoes on places to take a seat so comfortable when I’m
5:30 64
5:31 well as you can tell when in doubt that
5:36 v ery impressive Kevin coming in two thousand pounds you do feel like you’re
6:08 getting a lot on board is by especially below decks very spacious and it feels
6:12 very grown-up and very well finish they’ve really focus on that and you can
6:16 tell the boat may not be winning any beauty pageant anytime soon but if you
6:21 can see through that has a lot to like about this business

Those who would like their “open” to be less open once in a while, will surely opt for the radar arch which allows to mount a bimini or a camper cover on the Sport 330. Clients who choose the hardtop version have to decide if they prefer the softop that is integrated into the hardtop and opens up completely or if they go for the more rigid electric sliding roof.
The ergonomic helmstation allows for a perfect overview, from here the skipper can keep the boat under perfect control. The design of the instrument panel and dashboard provides intuitive use for the pure pleasure of driving.
The new Bavaria Sport 330 offers more space for friends and family on and below deck. In the newly designed cockpit up to six persons can enjoy a drink or a romantic sunset dinner. For total relax on sunny days the cockpit table can be lowered to convert the whole seating area into a large sunbed. Down below the ample living space in the saloon and cabin will accomodate up to four people.

Length overall 10.06 m
Length hull 9.61 m
Beam overall 3.31 m
Height above waterline 3.08 m
Draught, drive raised 0.73 m
Draught, drive lowered 1.21 m
Light weight displacement 5,470 kg
Fuel tank 520 l
Water tank 150 l
Cabins 1
Berths 4
Height in cabin 1.90 m
Passengers, max. (CE B) 8
Motorisation, MerCruiser petrol engines 2 x 5.0 MPI DTS Brav. III (2 x 191 kW/260 PS)

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