CIGARETTE 42 Huntress – Review

The 42′ Huntress exemplifies Cigarette’s determination to continually innovate and expand its horizons. By merging a performance hull with an entertainment-centric deck and cabin created a total lifestyle powerboat.The efficient hull propels this boat up to exhilarating speeds yet even with its gracious and spacious deck and lounge, the boat’s its extreme agility and easy-handling belie its size.

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0:14 one
0:15 to 3 45 engines what a sight
0:22 RGPV more than a maturity speech I D but K
0:25 with the match today is particularly exciting because these mercury three
0:29 fifties have been mounted on a boat that doesn’t lead introducing
0:32 you can just read the name with the builder
0:39 that the Andaman topped off so why have they put five engines on the cigarettes
0:43 for the two hundred
0:44 simple because they couldn’t fit six on
0:55 but there’s something else that’s out of the ordinary
1:00 took a bath of palestinian but mostly it’s not a typical lyle below deck
1:04 fact it’s quite unique
1:10 adamantly people don’t go through body yeah I’ll the owner looked to an Italian
1:14 company sonica
1:15 to build its to measure all who today
1:19 what one 2345 one for every engine
1:29 Sonico imported they spoke to Italy which is serviced by
1:32 Rep Alice yacht service a team with Chu experts that’s headed up by a
1:36 offshore will champion line 0 DB ASI
1:43 couple go on dream up revival not but we’re going to try the boat out in a
1:47 while but first a little bit a background in five 142
1:51 least 12 point eight meters long and has a maximum payment that’s
1:54 3.63 mate is pretty big for a cigarette
2:00 yeah nope all in all I don’t think that leaves crimped on the performance not
2:04 this boat has to step
2:09 up
2:13 the deck though is different from usual cigarettes made by this iconic brands
2:16 that’s known for its speed on water
2:25 for some years now the American boat yard has widened its range
2:28 and more livable uncomfortable models thats can welcome more guests on board
2:33 it looks like a sport fishermen but I can bet you that the under this post
2:38 likes going fast
2:39 no doubt about that
2:45 sofas Sun decks
2:46 rules that protect the passenger this is truly
2:49 and different cigarette
2:53 now it’s time to dry ice but how do you drive by vengeance no
2:57 on the five hands plus another one on the helm all
3:00 maybe not my problem has been easily resolved
3:03 with 3 levers the central one controls the three engines in the middle
3:09 and the other two monocytes off we go
3:12 up shown up do it
3:15 for a all-out battle gene quit
3:20 she wanted a book leaving the time to study now
3:26 be 5030 committing Romanova I think with the cop but what about the inverses
3:31 same thing the central lever controls the three million jeans
3:34 and the others control the sidelines
3:39 does not take on display there are three big displays
3:43 maps are on the central one the site one shows how the engines working
3:47 Paul are on this display here on the left and one on the right
3:51 but to read all this you need to have eyes all over the place
4:06 Pakistan Maciel these boys are just fantastic
4:09 kantor I’m not just talking about the XI me feel it’s you look over the bow to
4:13 the never-ending horizon
4:15 will skip through the cease to get to your exotic island far away
4:18 not I was thinking more a about the huge fax
4:23 you can choose how many engines you can put on a truck or come on
4:26 on a boat that I ate
4:34 a bit here got a night but da hope with the majority by me
4:39 as you know the whole is officially the engines have been
4:42 arranged in a particular way we do such a winery
4:45 central ones need to be managed less at the site
4:50 not just the sidelines have the shortest shafting
4:53 propellers though in this case they are all the site
5:00 a legacy got planned that way out but if there were about got of dog and a
5:04 the Huntress 42 cigarette is a pretty big boat faulty to inflate in fact
5:09 and white like we said so it must be pretty heavy
5:12 considering it’s fitted out so completely clock it’s not
5:15 thanks to advance building methods that have allowed getting a particular
5:19 strength
5:19 without having penny light
5:24 you for reminding the guy and you gotta pay monthly traffic on the problem with
5:27 big motorized boats that have outboard engines is that they need huge pushing
5:31 power
5:32 and unfortunately the geometry of the engine shaft in the propellers is
5:36 relatively small
5:37 so how to resolve that problem simple
5:40 by melting several propellers which means the total surface area of the
5:45 I’ll his considerable as is the push for the water
5:53 a buddy
5:54 I plot in fact look how it plans just takes a minute
6:02 with the cuban hottie 25 knots that’s cruising speed for all boats
6:10 30 not and 3,000 resonate and the engines are still practically sleep
6:18 already been here
6:20 to fit the definition of a sporty boat it needs to get to go to at least 40
6:24 knots
6:29 family on the way for dinner back to get a
6:32 but now we’re getting up to space that need a little concentration
6:43 the
6:46 I fifty not a 42-30 doing 15 oz
6:51 should be a little scary
6:53 I V neck people this is very nice stable secure
6:57 holds the roads on its own in fact I’m a little superfluous
7:01 well finale
7:03 wonderful your money now we’re going to try and stressed his boat out and all
7:07 its equipment
7:08 eyeball my happy
7:12 one here another with the v-shaped only external engines
7:16 you end up being quite a special place when you’re turning the one on the
7:20 external side of the turn tends to lift up so the propellers close to the
7:24 surface
7:25 the one on the inside though almost drowns the propeller
7:28 which is deep underwater so it has a powerful push
7:32 which could be jittery but not here look at that turn at fifty not
7:36 unbelievable
8:06 back I unlikely that you
8:09 you got it I don’t mean I’ve been be waged by the brand name
8:13 on when I’m driving a cigarette I think I’m in a race shouldn’t turn like this
8:17 Titan quick we aren’t fighting to get around the boys
8:20 but it’s very nice the okay
8:24 okay let’s get back to the roots and see what it’s like to have
8:27 1,750 horses attached to the stern
8:30 panels down the point
8:33 up does the trick bring the minority not elaborate
8:39 campaign and when and I’ll be at least 350 horsepower
8:42 Toronto mercury engines top stay between 6200
8:46 6800 reps we need to check that they are all doing their best
8:51 engine one 6400 engine to 6400
8:55 Engine 3 6400 engine 4 6400
9:00 an engine 5 6400 little bit stream
9:03 and 6600 speed of 73 74 75 75.8
9:09 fantastic command the WoW
9:13 look how stable way of
9:18 up
9:22 in that one that way on today that they not be got it there
9:26 can’t I’m in pain for 4200 cigarette is definitely less powerful than the 42
9:31 times
9:32 a surprise there it’s a bigger boat larger but actually it has the same DNA
9:37 that all the cigarette packs have
9:38 truly sporting and really holds the sea
9:47 being in your own permanent switch it off there’s a problem we finish the
9:51 petrol
9:51 kind of power not even imagine back
9:54 I just row for a few minutes since look what we’ve ended up
9:58 drinks a bit about well
10:03 guess that’s what you call a yacht service
10:08 well
Length: 42′
Beam: 11’9″
Bridge Clearance 10′
(With Radar)
Freeboard: 40″
Fuel Capacity: 500 Gallons
Weight: 18,900 Lbs

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