Cormate T27 Supermarine

A Norwegian designed, quality boat with unusually high finish and great details. T-27 combines the usability of a center console deck arrangement with the comfort of a day cruiser. The open and user-friendly lay out gives easy access to all of the boats outside area, it also includes four integrated fenders for easy one-movement fendering when mooring. T-27 has a sheltered sunbathing area in the bow and an elegant sun bed/activity platform aft. The rear seat backrest can be easily adjusted in various positions to be used as a seat, deckchair or a lounger. T-27 can be supplied in a variety of colors, engines and equipment combinations, tailored for each customer.

Video subtitles

0:00 magazines have a move quite so quickly from saying about testing about last
0:10 week we saw this for the very first time on the boat show won’t find as i
0:13 understand and we later we’re down here comes key to take out procedural it’s
0:18 the call make tea 27
0:46 anything about hi Joe design behind the cold light bites that you know that this
0:52 is about that is all about Java spirits are designed to build the hard genetics
0:57 was subsequently I could exact supercars so you have an idea of what these guys
1:04 all about and this has a 350 horsepower petrol engine behind the some pads and
1:13 that means a top speed and easy top speed of $15.14 through pretty much
1:18 anything weird pull harder now we’re outside the harbour earlier one is
1:21 absolutely disgusting out there really steep waves big chop
1:25 nasty and this things out with it like it was a black arm summer’s day and you
1:31 could tell us drives motors well by the driving position I’m hunkered down here
1:36 good protection for the wind screen the winless in my chest
1:39 you got this racing set up and that is because when you fly the throttle this
1:45 thing really ships
2:36 level as well
3:05 trouble
3:10 jonbenet’s over America
3:18 it is properly quick look so
3:22 absolutely amazing
3:25 it’s a very easy drive fast as well and enjoyed by scientists often but you take
3:32 to it so easily does it feel totally secure ready to do all this stuff very
3:40 rough day as well
3:41 flattering
3:48 the first thing that caught our eye was the quality of the deck on the topsides
3:58 little details down the side of the cockpit here with instant mood lighting
4:03 stainless lots of touches to make life easier
4:11 like for example which just to give you a nice some pad right now the waters
4:20 while you have a top-loading fridge on board as well drinks fridge cooker
4:29 stowed away in the cupboard behind me and then it’s the fine detail as well
4:34 like these little down here that perfectly fit defenders say you just put
4:40 them inside there there so the way nice and easily hold as well that’s what I
4:46 like about moving others by there’s always a rather 13 rails all the way up
4:51 to the bow very safe very practical really well thought out when it comes to
4:57 sleeping space on the teacher is everyone is there’s enough space here
5:02 for a couple to have a table but a design method or system made of leather
5:21 just drop down
5:25 expensive
5:31 really relatively good value around his head it looks absolutely stunning
5:44 especially in this powder blue Alto and what’s really nice that has the pedigree
5:49 of hygienist but it’s an unlovely finish and totally totally usable but a word of
5:57 warning you can’t unsee job on you probably another one

Cormate T27 details:

Make Cormate
Model T27
Year 2016
Condition New
Price £91,192
Type Power
Class Cuddy Cabin
Length 27 ft
Fuel Type Gas
Hull Material Fiberglass
Location Poole, United Kingdom


Cormate boats have a specially designed “setback step” in the transom. This provides greater trim-torque and gives the driver the opportunity to change the boats trim angle for different speeds and sea conditions. You simply get greater control over the boats sea keeping capacity and performance. Cormate racing genes and the advanced hull with full 25 degree dead rise, ensure excellent seaworthiness. Yet it is the unique driving pleasure that will surprise you the most.

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