Cranchi M 38 HT

Boat with hard top and slidind canvas roof. The large on-board spaces, including 2 cabins, 1 bathroom, a kitchen and a lounge give an immediate feeling of comfort and wellbeing. The cockpit is exceptionally roomy, with 2 seats on the helm, a couch to portside, a large sofa, a wet bar and an enormous bow sun bed.

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0:06 the new
0:10 better than about get the PT boats is that would cater for everyone’s taste
0:14 for example cranky one of the most influential Italian bogart
0:18 produces over 20 models in six different series
0:27 they have such a vast choice that they keep everyone happy because the boats
0:31 coming series from highly industrial production lines
0:34 but come with very enticing price thanks to a
0:40 %uh
0:44 pacific Ethanol what about the truth him with the people
0:48 often asked me what the perfect boat is it’s impossible to answer that
0:51 as everyone has their own tastes however this model
0:54 the cranky 38 HD is the one but interests me
0:57 right now and its brainy like all designs it has something that’s never
1:01 been seen before
1:10 cranky opened up a likely be there now track with a fuzzy
1:14 with cranky has leverage the boat crisis I E
1:17 the phrase when very few boats were being produced to develop new products
1:21 and improve their production processes
1:23 ok is a lovely thought the end dot dot got the net so this
1:34 38 HT isn’t just gorgeous to look at there’s more to it than that
1:38 and to see what more they raise we went to the boatyard to watch the exact
1:42 moment when the extracted the whole from the mold
1:45 ok all molding operations are sequential
1:50 and respects the calculated Downing Street process including
1:53 the breaks between processes
2:01 after a few days which are necessary to solidified
2:04 how is taken out it’s always an emotional time
2:07 even if there are doubts on how perfect the workers be
2:20 and not up all gone walkabout up in a stop to the last obstacle is that I
2:24 really doubt on iraq do stuff and a new boat is born
2:27 just out of the mold it’s been well made following all the right procedures
2:31 just left it’s perfect show any help
2:34 no need to retouch it all send it to the body shop
2:37 and at plastering paid it’s good today’s very getting date
2:43 assault began with the now we’re going to see how well they’ve built it
2:47 usually I use a Palomita but today
2:50 a few different instruments to use cooking channel I’m very sick I’ll start
2:54 with the gel coach John test
2:55 Jojo
3:00 99 gloss the maximum is 100% fantastic
3:07 festivities began more so what about strength and resistance
3:13 more than 50 short and remember that a good product needs to be
3:17 over 35 sure
3:24 at this overtime all this picture D I we’re going to do what kind of X-ray
3:27 overhaul with ultrasound
3:33 nothing wrong and they do this check the whole in
3:36 the boat
3:42 the instruments have shown that the shine the durability
3:45 and compactness are excellent so now it’s on to the next phase
4:04 in
4:18 echo I’m cake with doctoring dot dot dot the evenness
4:21 38 HD is not exactly like that but we saw in the backyard
4:25 any part of let me make your own anything can get through to you name it
4:29 in your Nissan on the space you didn’t die mentions don’t matter
4:32 building techniques and materials are the same for all the cranky series
4:36 me I so even if this isn’t flagship the most beautiful biggest in production
4:41 it is built to the same quality standards
4:46 yeah
4:50 we’re looking to get into with authoring dot dot cotton a lucky loser
4:53 the thing I like about this 38 takes to use the cranking philosophy
4:57 they never waste anything whether that’s a quarter pounder glass resin or a
5:01 minute’s a building time
5:02 gram of copper or plastic them spare the horses of course
5:06 in Saranac in fact the chissano
5:13 bloom authority what followed up for a change book about in the machine running
5:17 in fact there are two 300 HP the four engines
5:20 coupled with jewel propulsion which means they’ve got two counter-rotating
5:24 propellers
5:25 Davis appeared a cake or neck with the people would be most worried that the
5:29 owning a property owner
5:30 city after complaining about got moved to be fold-out the experts and non sale
5:35 is a must see
5:36 will know that the boat handles very well with this type of engine and
5:39 propulsion
5:39 you can use a joystick to delivery and with the trim you can change the running
5:43 to love the boat
5:44 increase in performance whatever weight she got out there
5:50 yellow be stuck with leasing how it manages easily
5:53 so now to check out the performance for real we’re going out
5:56 on the open seas
6:03 much about dating a B&B aspect I left out there
6:06 initiate a Matty mo’nin you’ll be getting bad no primo sale is wait for
6:12 the summer to go out with their boats
6:13 it’s the middle of winter right now well the beginning of spring
6:16 but look how wonderful today’s when it will take advantage of this weather
6:20 calm sunny day and just 6 I’ll we don’t need
6:23 the hot summer doing okay maybe we couldn’t swim today
6:27 but we can do a bit of sightseeing increase around a bit degree
6:30 it it probably took anymore
6:37 number fifty dunlap we’ve come out at the mouth of the corner rather
6:40 in you done and we’re headed for grounder
6:51 job preaching on youtube com boy plan out not be allowed to what affect of
6:56 of my family plot 30 knots and the boat is planing
6:59 to make it easier I’ve load the flaps and help the train in the low setting
7:02 so I can control the budget report
7:09 within a break with the body good with that many I this be
7:12 we’re consuming 3.5 liters of petrol per month ideal conditions to sail a boat it
7:17 so it’ll be better if I get it up to cruising speed
7:32 monocular the album they get me as we speed up I’m cream deflector
7:36 10 don’t need the brakes you did it was one of eight have you got weed only use
7:41 it if there was a wind coming from the side
7:43 in which case you’d need to rebalance the boats movement by lowering the flap
7:51 the truck but not even a 2.2 any doubt my speed eighty miles
7:54 revs 2400 consumption is going down we’re using
7:58 2.8 late is a mile that’s good for cruising
8:04 s opening drug I’m starting to adjust the trim yup raising them slightly
8:08 Co
8:13 but about about not going to be kidding
8:15 I mean you and I think the in flax the boats got a better and love attack I can
8:18 hear it running better
8:19 the great thing about this but is what I can control the balance because I have
8:23 to propeller
8:23 and the flaps if not we go about got both about
8:26 I’m not just driving the boat with the petrol book with its instruments to
8:30 optimizing performance according to whatever the way to light
8:33 and what speed I’m doing v
8:41 320 with night and that many archetype you’ll get it done that with anybody
8:45 25 knots this is the cruising speed most voters go at
8:49 it seems like we both be made for this P in fact petrol consumption is going down
8:53 to 2.7 elitism
8:55 am I going faster way to a this
9:06 the tree in peace in the negative at a
9:08 -3 angle let’s see what happens if I try to take it easy right
9:16 a I can’t get no what you doing well looks like nothing has changed really
9:20 so it’s not that the same genetic the trim control
9:23 old
9:25 made it me at all body stopped on me at all I think I’m not a doubt not been a
9:29 anyway don’t sorry I got lost a little there this gorgeous day
9:33 the fact that there’s hardly anyone on the water i feel like im
9:36 king was the season this pope happen even pushed it to the max yup
9:39 like this
9:44 and the but they make a lot of my dream it’s probably better to race the trim a
9:47 bit now
9:48 take the whole into the water bring the power
9:53 double bowl going going gone grown-up we need we r crosswind
9:57 and Crossway so the data we are recording won’t be the best intensive
10:01 absolute but we are at 33 not buddy
10:04 3.7 Co
10:08 no different number 801 not maybe not maybe
10:12 33 personals and 3600 recommended
10:15 and consumption has a increase that much 3.2
10:18 elitism I’ll Mr but let’s get back to this wonderful cruise
10:32 mmm
10:34 home
10:36 home
10:37 home
10:39 hmm
10:44 home
10:47 in San Giorgio di Nogaro in truly between trieste in Venice
10:51 you’ll find the Italo Mancino marine test centre
10:54 where you can try out all the cranky boats 365 days a year including holidays
11:01 home
11:08 home
11:10 home
11:15 Belgian ale photo prop you a touristy
11:17 equity I got today we’ve been real tourists here we are
11:20 grounder have a quick look at this lovely little town as a fishing village
11:24 on the most western part to the adriatic
11:26 lemme
11:29 we can also deliver a little like pleasure boaters boats
11:32 traveling slowly through the center of the city lemme
11:36 what up the comment about gotta let it get ready solo I’ll be on top
11:40 i’m gay quite I’m ya ti ok a big way liquid back but as it’s not just the
11:44 captain that meets the like the boat family and crew should take
11:48 so let’s have a look at this cranky 38 HT has been put together
11:51 it’s a look at the day and then we’ll go inside
11:56 do
11:57 on the deck you can stretch out those weary bones in three different areas
12:01 at the PAL the cockpit and close to the windshield if you open the race
12:10 and you can have drinks or eight
12:17 there’s even a dining area below that SCOTUS over a table
12:20 and even a kitchen that comes with everything necessary if need be
12:26 this is such a perfect boat for families or two couples
12:33 about this the best capping the beds on a diagonal
12:36 for a long-term interest and leaves lots of space for the cabinet
12:48 the other boxer at the stern at a lower height level
12:51 but it’s not bad especially if you compare it with other boats
12:54 there’s even an armchair and another little book
13:03 they’ve really put some thought into the furniture they’ve used good quality
13:06 materials
13:07 it’s simple but it works
13:10 the bathroom doesn’t have a separate shower but it has a Jack and Jill
13:14 interns
13:17 about acquisto you get here not a boat is all this to
13:20 the pleasure of taking a dip sailing fishing
13:24 but also being a tourist away from the traffic jams traffic lights
13:28 been just out on the sea but that’s quite a different dimension
13:36 for


Length – overall approx. 11,61 m 38 ft 1 in
Length – waterline approx. 8,20 m 26 ft 9 in
Beam – max (inc. rubbing band) approx. 3,88 m 12 ft 8 in
Beam – hull (without. rubbing band) approx. 3,85 m 12 ft 7 in
Height above waterline (incl. radar) approx. 3,82 m 12 ft 6 in
Draft (incl. props) approx. 1,00 m 3 ft 3 in
Dry weight approx. 8.800 kg 19.400 lb
Passengers 12 / 1.200 kg 12 / 2.650 lb
Fuel capacity approx. 600 l 131 UK gals 158 US gals
Fresh-water capacity approx. 190 l 42 UK gals 50 US gals
Hull Aldo Cranchi
Project Centro Studi Ricerche Cranchi Cranchi Research Development Dept.
Design category B

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