The outboard of the future.

Introducing a revolutionary concept in outboards – a choice. Now, choose cutting-edge over commonplace. Choose more torque over more talk. Choose more time on the water over more time in the shop. Choose the outboard that performs, and looks like no other outboard in the world.

Video subtitles

0:06 1
0:09 up
0:13 Wow scary this is the mother of speed and acceleration
0:18 that the dedicated to all those it was like mine
0:21 everywhere and adrenaline junkies
0:25 called so what is it
0:28 something brand new
0:30 on no I’m not talking ties the Pirelli P Zero
0:34 88 up but exist already ok
0:41 No
0:49 on on
0:54 no
0:56 with Google anything readers building new engine to tell the truth it doesn’t
1:00 even feel like an outboard
1:01 again look at the design seems like it’s been designed by fashion curator
1:12 penalty for nearly cut there are different colored calendars available
1:15 and you can even put a different cover on the flanks if you want boy
1:20 with the show yet then there’s an infinite choices personalizing it
1:24 to live like a tie to go with your outfit
1:30 the minute ma all good and well book what’s the engine like
1:41 qualified another man 180 32 people damn nematode question
1:45 was struck cycles the modern-day engines after they’re all four straight
1:49 even would cut genitals call strike 180 Cody
1:55 so what do vineyard use yet you guessed it
1:59 to strike why but if retail must be getting a technique and technical
2:05 explanation or practical one
2:07 on
2:12 gotta know their thank you don’t know but see how it goes
2:16 I’m try asking us capers labor 30.2%
2:19 all four stroke outboard I can tell you what they’ll say
2:22 on your way I’m speedometer goes up but can’t even keep
2:27 when we speed up it’s incredible it’s a missile
2:31 the
2:40 the
2:46 magnate y that it would be real and so pal Kenny pinks a good
2:50 big envelope need to slow down to explain it because I can’t break
2:53 %uh
2:56 promoter and what are the people but not me
3:00 there are four stroke engine finishes its whole cycle in four phases
3:03 intake depression spark discharge in with your dad with a BBQ sauce on a
3:08 two-strike low
3:09 there are only two phases because lost the piston goes down after the spark it
3:13 brings in the fuel mix
3:14 at exactly the same time as well as expanding exhaust gases
3:18 so does the same thing as a four-stroke but in half the time
3:21 one could possibly suggest this
3:28 Evinrude has gone for to stroke again because it doesn’t have any
3:32 experience before strike but they never built them
3:35 but the group had BRP also on Rotax
3:38 world leader in four stroke engine market the bikes aircraft jet skis quads
3:42 we be held their decision to go ahead with the two-stroke was a conscious
3:48 and bought out one
3:51 day
3:55 g2 with the second generation of direct-injection
3:58 Evinrude b.tech engines with pump injectors the work impressively at
4:02 1600 PSI the mono block E 74 degree v6
4:07 so it’s quite narrow which means the engines can be mounted close to each
4:11 other
4:11 and perform better
4:16 with that he did to iraq one that is likely to check with 3 cents per side in
4:20 a two-stroke engine
4:22 offers the perfect balance between he may return centrifugal forces
4:25 day
4:36 I can not tell anybody about the case the same 3.44 one cubic centimeter
4:41 cylinder
4:42 overshoes 200 250 and 300 horsepower
4:47 Bobby mobile and again it’s not just about the engine
4:51 even the management system is revolutionary a gurney bookkeeping up
4:54 off the bed I’m
4:55 you don’t need much strength to move the runner police really quick
4:59 some maneuvering is really easy so with just the touch up the troubled
5:05 good morning Vietnam rather becomes harder and more precise
5:09 day it’s an active system that changes what it does depending on the speed you
5:17 going
5:18 so you accelerate a bit more
5:22 leaving number already people
5:25 becomes more precise and holds more so even if you jumping the waves
5:29 he just doesn’t swine day
5:36 go to communion and a half to make that New York
5:39 baby yeah I’m gonna get it build
5:42 something else online the instruments simple clear
5:46 I can read them in a glance reps fuel consumption
5:49 fuel economy best friend choice to get the best miles per liter
5:52 very quickly with dodi Aguilera did you do and go and give it to me
5:57 81 don’t feel good news Evinrude June two engines is great fun
6:02 Coast we don’t use them you know they need maintaining
6:05 the idea but if you read the manual you might think that the Evinrude engineers
6:09 have made a mistake with the numbers
6:11 getting corrosion guarantee five years a mechanical guarantee five years
6:15 first MOT after five years coming so what do you do car in eighties every
6:20 year
6:21 up
6:31 so we know now the two strokes need oil unlike four strikes
6:35 but this new g2 you can go for 200 hours without topping up
6:39 so on average more than a season
6:45 preserver ecological information on emissions to
6:47 according to the builder which is that they are 75 percent less
6:52 than the previous generation
6:58 with the remote cornet little misread with its tune for 1300 CC
7:03 220 horsepower sterndrive engines got to
7:07 47 loss
7:12 young the conduct of this injuries much smaller 3,440 1
7:17 CC’s about now it’s time to try let’s see if these engines go that fast
7:34 ok
7:38 everybody got here on
7:39 coming up with a good evening and on cruising at 4800 resume needs
7:44 and 48 not we’ve already beaten the other engines
7:47 whatever and we can go a lot quicker
7:52 five thousand grams 50 knots and now for the good bit
7:56 I’m no little trim on
8:00 maybe not 5400 54 not I’m
8:06 by me not being 5500 55 knots
8:09 amo trailed
8:14 mom
8:16 are 5,000 800 ribs and 58 not
8:22 5900 59 knots brilliant
8:46 opening the border with one RBI beach just a little quicker than in inboard
8:50 outboard 4-stroke engine this is thought to be the more trickle version
8:55 there’s even an HO model high output which is a special
8:59 electronic mapping more pushin even a little more power
9:13 done it must have an Achilles heel but I’d probably nobody wanna wanna be me
9:19 accident together those four stroke in outboard engines consume little it 25
9:24 knots
9:24 political elite is an hour with this Evinrude g2
9:28 lounge well regulating the speed in the dream
9:37 ago look 25 knots
9:41 me like around three thousand grams a minute re:
9:44 37 route is in town
9:48 mile consumes very little
9:54 known talk idiot I going to be continued you know
9:57 I don’t know what to say low consumption very low emissions
10:01 it’s nippy like only two stroke engine can be
10:04 and super fast or you can service it every five years and you can change the
10:08 color scheme
10:08 people it but by the time they were gonna tell you not nothing
10:12 because I’m just going to enjoy it but that’s ok


Limited Warranty 5-Year Non Declining*, 5-Year Corrosion (* For North America, 3 years of BRP Limited Warranty plus 2 years of BRP Extended Service Terms B.E.S.T)
Engine type V6 74° E-TEC D.I.
Displacement 210 cu in/3441 cc
Recommended fuel 87 Octane
Emissions compliance EPA 2013 CARB 3 STAR European Union
Recommended Oil Evinrude/ Johnson XD-100 Oil
Propshaft HP Factory Tuned for High Performance
Full Throttle RPM Range 5400-6000 RPM
Alternator output 133 Amps Total/ 50 net Dedicated/14 amps @ idle
Fuel induction E-TEC Direct Injection with stratified low RPM combustion mode
Lubrication Multi-point Targeted Oiling
Bore x Stroke 3.854 x 3.000 in / 98 x 76 mm


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