È uno yacht speciale, anzi unico. Ha vinto l’Interior Design Award al Salone di Genova. Epica 58 è uno yacht bello anche dentro: interni in pelle Poltrona Frau, diffusori Bose, 3 vere stanze da letto con spazi e privacy assoluta per ospiti e armatore, motori Volvo con trasmissione IPS e un sistema inerziale di stabilizzazione della navigazione. Disegnate oggi la barca dei vostri sogni: noi la costruiremo.

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0:20 coming in at 80 meters long just over five meters wide
0:23 today via Etsy is presenting its new flagship
0:27 the epic at 58 it’s usually good to start with the key
0:31 element when describing a boat that with this one got a few problems
0:35 for example it’s already in the water so it’s difficult to see what the hell is
0:39 like
0:39 whether its nice or not okay the whole
0:44 of the epic a 58 is definitely not just average which means I can make two
0:49 observations
0:50 number one it’s being worked on a lot before they actually designed it
0:54 already a good sign that it isn’t based on an existing design
0:57 number two a let’s just go and try it
1:02 the roundness at the bridge contrasts with the clear lines the tech house
1:06 and is accentuated by the window switch for irregular polygons
1:10 go to shows most modern element to the pope stylistically
1:13 at the stern
1:17 there are two different levels to operated which is better than one
1:21 as they adapt perfectly to the stock’s peers have different heights
1:27 the step above the bridge is a great place to sit and watch the C
1:31 and the beach like is a perfect for bathroom equipment a good
1:35 nine people can see it on the city stern and the table
1:38 which comes out at the dunnage easily deal outdoor dining
1:42 all can be protected by the curtain becomes house of the heart
1:49 there’s another so for close to the windshield
1:51 sheltered but also in the Sun we can open the hardtop
1:55 hardtop is a light in strong structure played a fiberglass and carbon
1:59 the cockpit can be divided into two areas one external
2:03 and one internal separated by glass door the Deccan the foredeck I’ll definitely
2:08 rounded up
2:09 so much so that the passage is less natural it’s like this to highlight the
2:13 deck house
2:14 without putting emphasis on height today this
2:17 architectural design as well as the curvature the bridge
2:20 both have a purpose and goals to create very high rooms below deck
2:28 the coaching but don’t do it in buckets indicated that amount to an equal
2:31 PO cardiac it up sort by the Epica 58 is a boat
2:34 that the under control by themselves with these in fact
2:38 equipped with a joystick relied on this particular boat PLC
2:41 has provided a rather comfortable cabins the captain just got finished in
2:45 as access from the cockpit the model has two
2:49 700 horsepower Volvo Penta engines IPS Boatright transmissions
2:54 that according to the Swedish manufacturer he said boost equivalent to
2:57 the most powerful engines
2:59 at extra 30 percent coupled with axes light
3:03 yet this is why Volvo Penta call this the IPS 900 system
3:07 even though the engines are 700 hotels each
3:10 the screen you know the the without bail what they needed with us at the moment
3:15 but some splaining
3:16 had 1500 redness and 50 knots to get the right rem
3:20 I have load the flats completely but watch this as this is the world premiere
3:24 the epic at 58 you’re now going to see how it is equipped with an
3:28 ever nautical system that gives you automated control
3:31 the holes angle of incidents 30 obviated
3:34 about top not it has different settings depending on whether you want maximum
3:39 speed
3:39 the best to local minimum fuel consumption then just recall the
3:43 specific function automatically
3:45 and the system will find the ideal flat to save you one of you
3:52 for the week that is so great about the effect on the ballot if I got it with
3:55 the chief admit that the
3:56 ship died of laughter the driving position is raised above flow
3:59 board-level
4:00 which means you can have the lovely views the water tolerate that
4:03 the front windshield has pretty thin pillars which reduces blind spot
4:07 and there is this rather high sided window which means you can see
4:11 exactly where you’re going even if the boat is listening
4:18 yellow polka dot but we have to get going they have not gotten up to now
4:22 let’s get some navigational data on average cruising speed of 25 knots
4:26 we’re at 1900 reps consuming a total of 150 liters and
4:31 our at the terms as noise we are it’s 80 decibels
4:34 up
4:36 a particular report the particular shape with this whole allows for a substantial
4:40 increase in speed when we get to the top of the rev counter going from 1900 to
4:45 2,350 rpm we speed up a lot
4:49 reached 35 knots but obviously fuel consumption
4:52 has gone up to to a total %uh to 160 liters per hour
5:19 so there you go
5:20 we put the free it’s a flagship to the test measured the performance
5:23 ts seaworthiness and we’ve admired its brilliant form
5:26 just as a boat but as a wonderful home there are three big
5:31 on Sui cabins which would make anyone feel at ease
5:38 the square is a very tall Lambright
5:40 open space the designer has been able to create unusually large spaces and
5:44 introduced the modern
5:45 and original nautical style through its furniture and special decorations
5:49 the epic a 58 has really be made
5:52 to live in both inside and out 1
6:07 the boat show boating for passion
Maximum Length (Lmax) 17,90 m
Hull Length (Lh) 17,35 m
Max Beam (Bmax) 5,15 m
Cabin Height 2,15 m
Fuel Capacity 1963 lt
Fresh Water Capacity 650 lt
Displacement (With Engine) 20.000 Kg
Berths 6+1
Capacity 16
Ce: Design Category A
2 X 725 HP TD Volvo Penta – IPS2 900

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