S specifičnim dizajnom vas model 660 Vintage spomni na šestdeseta leta, na čas, ko sta bila užitek v vožnji in eleganca še kako pomembna. Vožnja s tem gumenjakom vas popolnoma prevzame in počutite se kot, da se v tradicionalni ameriški kabrio limuzini brezskrbno peljete po dolgi ravni cesti brez točno določenega cilja. Novi model Vintage 660 je zasnoval priznani dizajner g. Chriastian Grande.

Video subtitles

0:05 Inc
0:07 perfect 10 been shot down will only be when you think of an inflatable dinghy
0:11 you picture a professional boat rescue more work
0:14 well the time has come to change your point of view ok
0:22 feel FIFA appliance 660 vintage is the luxurious doing it definitely doesn’t
0:27 make a bad impression on even extra megayacht
0:30 many could be used if it ended ok %uh
0:35 ok the many factories known in the sector for the quality that harness
0:39 let’s see if it’s well deserved
0:47 a good place to begin is by considering the boats handling at low speeds
0:51 in this case the band doesn’t nose up and the visibility
0:54 is excellent
1:03 internees ok I’ll be back home and bought the travel fun bail
1:06 pulling into places like quite a charitable central payable to be no with
1:10 a boat like this
1:11 is really see I think you won’t go unnoticed
1:14 shore coming here plays a leading role in the background the colorful houses
1:18 painted in such a way that same this could recognize them according to
1:22 tradition
1:22 even at its theme color is also fundamental on the vintage 660
1:26 and takes its inspiration from the pastel hues and cars
1:29 in the nineteen sixties while many details remind us have cadillacs in
1:34 particular
1:35 cool with the CDC’s
1:40 that is so wide and comfortable a typical other nearly
1:43 against a critic way of travelling first
1:50 what does he do get this text when reaching destination the bank’s reply
1:54 and form a second sunbathing area that is 2.15 meters long
1:58 site you could call it a must be the chrome-plated dashboard
2:03 the rear view mirror and the tape details and i feel like im immersed in
2:07 an American Graffiti atmosphere
2:09 I’ve never seen a rubber dinghy capable of expressing such a romantic feeling
2:14 if you to its Olympic Kapadia the finishings are impeccable City
2:18 starting with a truly extraordinary painted body and continuing with the
2:22 steel
2:22 specially realized for this model like the ring with the windscreen
2:27 and these women’s that help to increase the protection from the wind
2:31 but which also not have a rather charming tones
2:34 the Knights the LED’s to save energy do anything to get me chicken that no easy
2:38 to technical elements that give you an idea of the quality of this boat
2:42 unaccountable to peak insulated from the bottom and the professional electrical
2:46 system right now
2:47 the boat is equipped with a refrigerator
2:50 here beneath the driver’s seat and an anchor winch
2:53 to use it like a big yacht to laugh riot if they could differ from the
2:57 line 660 been texting we’re trying out and 90 horsepower Honda
3:01 outboard is mounted it’s a 1500 cc engine
3:05 all cylinders but its most important characteristic
3:09 is that it has the valve timing and variable lift but Honda has dubbed VTech
3:14 on all its engines killed
3:30 me up to get city many names but I’m picking marine applications
3:33 it’s important for the engines to be versatile under has to control systems
3:38 but the operation at the outward blast which enriches the Copa racing to get
3:42 increase crust when you needed
3:44 and economic which instead tends to reduce consumption when navigating at
3:49 constant speed up
3:51 I’m ready to try out of line 660 vintage but given the title boat today
3:56 I’d say it would be a good idea to try it with collapse
4:01 boxing at around 10 knots we’re already in dynamic support
4:04 that is the pressure exerted by the water on the whole raises the boat
4:08 enables us to have a good efficiency became the red counter indicates
4:13 3,000 reps minute pop queen with at fifty knots we reached the maximum
4:20 dynamic efficiency
4:21 what does this mean basically minimum consumption
4:25 and maximum output 1.3 miles with a liter of fuel
4:28 and we’re a 3500 red managed
4:37 can get it done around 70 decibels of noise at cruising speed
4:41 sure if you’re going out for a swim five miles from the court
4:45 maybe this is something you can forget about but if you’re planning on cruising
4:48 for hours
4:49 you want to take it into consideration look at how much care they put into
4:53 researching the accessories on this boat
4:55 but reliever in vintage styled
5:02 right for me out but 4800 rest minutes and 25 knots
5:06 this is the maximum cruising speed but we can go even faster
5:10 a couple of touches to the train and where a 5900 reps per minute
5:15 this is the top speed 31 knots
5:24 got back together a few technical notes on the construction
5:27 the mold was made with the robotic Cuttack and therefore
5:31 the whole is perfectly symmetrical liberated but it was worried that he
5:35 won’t
5:35 the boat can also be powered with an engine of the 175 horsepower
5:39 I’ve tried the Sportage person to fly 660
5:43 with the 150 horsepower outboard engine and I can tell you
5:47 that it does 42 knots on
5:53 number of available it has a nice shot bounded doesn’t impact the waves too
5:57 much
5:57 on
6:14 through to fly in fishing to on the fly is 660 vintage the most rational power
6:18 choices ninety
6:20 or 115 horsepower the Opera and while we’re on the subject
6:24 make sure safety harnesses securely fastened been check the weather forecast
6:28 and away you go on


Length overall:  6.60 m
Max beam:  2.54 m
Tube diameter:  55 cm
Tube stage:  5
Dry displacement without engine: 700 Kg
Fuel tank capacity:  200 l
Water capacity: 60 l
Maximum power:  250 hp
People on board:  12
CE category:  B

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