Grace E’s interior layout sleeps up to 12 guests in 7 staterooms, including a master suite, 2 VIP staterooms, 2 double cabins and 2 twin cabins. She is also capable of carrying up to 20 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience. Timeless styling, beautiful furnishings and sumptuous seating feature throughout her living areas to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

Grace E’s impressive leisure and entertainment facilities make her the ideal charter yacht for socialising and entertaining with family and friends.

Grace E is built to comply to MCA and Lloyds Register standards. With a cruising speed of 14 knots, a maximum speed of 16.5 knots and a range of 8637nm from her 185000litre fuel tanks, she is the perfect combination of performance and luxury.

Lift (Elevator), Stabilisers underway, Air Conditioning, WiFi connection on board, Deck Jacuzzi, Gym/exercise equipment, Stabilisers underway, Air Conditioning, Jacuzzi (on deck), Gym, Wheelchair Friendly

Charter Grace E
Grace E is currently available for charter, to find out more about this superyacht please contact your preferred charter broker.

Luxury Charter yacht Grace E is an expedition yacht, read our online guide for more information on expedition yacht charter.

Video subtitles

0:09 Gracie is the third you are to the Vitruvian
0:12 series built by be GRT shipyard from the beginning
0:15 the idea of these boats was too innovate change the rules of the ship’s
0:19 displacement
0:20 the hole was designed by Philippe Bryon a magician of sailboats with how’s that
0:24 slide
0:25 very easily into the sea about the propulsion system
0:28 innovative solutions have always been chosen in this case
0:32 it is the electric diesel with as he pondered
0:41 we’ve been waiting a long time as joke tee to be able to
0:45 bring grace the to fruition and have her
0:49 launched another show where
0:52 really delighted to have completed Gracie delivered have finally
0:56 she represents absolutely a new step change
1:01 in pick you up these motor yachts compared to the earlier 1555 means is
1:05 we hope that she represents a platform that we can build on
1:09 for this markets potential as it stands today
1:13 I think really the biggest challenge on this vessel was her sheer size
1:17 and bringing together all the various elements that come together
1:21 vessel this nature compared to vessels with bill today
1:25 and certainly the installation
1:29 physical installation on diesel-electric propulsion
1:33 elements represented a different challenge compared to what we’ve done
1:38 today
1:46 I think certainly
1:48 the diesel-electric hybrid electric propulsion systems that were all
1:53 investigating today
1:54 to represent the potential future about
1:57 propulsion and the business what we have found here
2:02 in this ABB installation on
2:06 grace E is certainly the single most important factor
2:10 the diesel-electric propulsion with the as it hard drives
2:13 is and almost in tire
2:17 absence %uh noise and vibration aboard the boat
2:20 consider that compared to our
2:24 trials the noise readings
2:27 at maximum speed which means from 14 of the 17 and a half knots
2:32 maximum speed the actual difference
2:35 in noise levels is between to
2:39 and 3db own so that’s a phenomenal success
2:43 as far as the actual noise levels are concerned and
2:46 the that the reason for that is not simply because if the
2:51 noise abatement that we have applied in the acoustical
2:54 a insulation the vessel but also the very nature of this
2:58 particular propulsion system almost better because
3:02 what we have here is me which we don’t have on sailing yachts
3:07 me ability to have a forward facing propeller with a forward-facing prepared
3:11 her into an undisturbed
3:13 slow we have a different level potential
3:16 vibration less a propulsion compared to what trading propeller with
3:22 disturbed flow in prophetic I am a design job sending your
3:29 and the we always
3:32 I know who is serving and I am when our approach
3:36 designing a motor or I wanted to get to design something we we can ever
3:41 some love and passion with and the
3:45 we developed innovative this concept a on this I D
3:49 and while you’re we may have %uh some excitement
3:52 about designing and being a on offer but like that
3:55 we we we we bring the idea of efficiency
3:59 and efficiency and pop awesome and efficiency is a key water
4:04 I to have a boat a.m. wheeze
4:07 technically efficient and less caution show I is also weighing
4:12 cue walk to have a bit on moshi on a mock or fought at sea
4:16 and I’m and and and the proportion
4:19 is something which help to design a more
4:23 up sleep isn’t pleased to
4:26 to the A’s the boats and
4:29 as it to ID’s I efficient and proportion
4:33 was enough to oppose to to to have something
4:37 a more exciting a more exciting design a motel yards
4:44 and
4:49 well we we design your hands we started the
4:52 we as large a 50-meter a four years ago and the
4:57 55 a two years ago and this is the last
5:00 VT views is a seventy tomato I
5:04 it’s a Mitchell me I B girls on the as a purchase one
5:07 and we design according according the
5:11 requirement of the owner and the basic requirement was to have a quite Borch
5:16 the and the place where they can never
5:20 be I’m well-being be when we’re being and
5:25 and so every all the aspect of design
5:28 up to be the the ivona
5:31 Baez’s the this situation I Z Sadie as an example
5:36 a we we have a we design your roomie boat is 1700 GT
5:43 I we sell it off the spaces and call for church 10
5:47 this is a daycare on e4
5:50 a
5:52 for I Spy I and the
5:54 fitness the
5:56 means Sunday so this is a place to
6:00 to to be well-treated and
6:04 do it to be a come and the Van Nuys view on the
6:07 over the sea so this is a one example
6:10 well we we pay attention to this the PTI ya
6:14 as the specs up the owner are having a good time
6:18 a quite to abort but this is not always only one
6:27 ok
6:30 I think the single most important tangible sensory experiences
6:34 absolutely the silence and the smoothness a ride the lacquer vibrate
6:39 the absolute lack a vibration the rest
6:42 all the interior design elements all the way the spaces are laid out
6:47 are all certainly very important characteristics that define this vessel
6:52 the
6:53 respond to the owners requirements for this vessel
6:56 but perhaps one confined similar situations elsewhere too
7:00 this particular space that we seated in today is perhaps one of the most
7:03 the singular should have in or
7:07 open indoor/outdoor open spaces that we have on the vessel with this huge door
7:12 behind this
7:13 which is open and almost eight major opening between
7:16 the up a lounge and the Sunday coughed
7:20 a wonderful space in which owner and guess
7:24 or charges can enjoy their time aboard but these features are perhaps
7:28 more easily found elsewhere compared to the
7:32 the diesel-electric propulsion with the as the polls
7:36 up
7:43 so my my design is by buying that sure for example words with the can see on
7:48 the wall in the city
7:49 a is is a is the sickle
7:53 and the Sycamore is is least
7:56 sandblasted polish likely to seize a certain
8:00 as a sort I’ve done is work on it
8:03 you know so the is is way I bring the
8:07 is prized by nature and the not sure
8:10 talk to us to human being you know it’s something we are connected with everyone
8:14 is connected with the natural so I’m working on something supposed to get the
8:18 rule
8:18 of course because we have to interiors assist the
8:22 you have to make something work of art ever in saudi it is
8:25 should be some things talk to ya starved
8:37 microchip a lesser it is for the quality
8:40 because it is a quality is not subject securities objected
8:44 something the lecture is the quality
8:47 this the first point so night
8:50 hit in either dove of things
8:54 quality is on public so the British should be there
8:57 that the then for me
9:01 the lecture is something when you can get
9:05 every think you need without the fitted only this is a pretty
9:09 and you feel you should feel comfortable work so they are gonna be the function
9:14 should be there but I and
9:18 somethings pilot never boring
9:23 to be spectacular of a five minute after you
9:27 for face so quality by today
9:31 function and the side for me
9:34 I’m simple Paso so my studies by said
9:38 looking for a friend
9:47 and are
9:52 that were whether I we have
9:56 we’re rather fitting that we at the time we started designing
10:00 the this kinda mucho yo to we had a lot of the action
10:04 people say well this will not walk a
10:08 basically the as a state each the design and they stated was a
10:12 so this year on toward the the eggs is a paid use existing board
10:16 and I will the I will say that the since for me as a
10:21 a those are my a chance mindset sense now and the
10:26 I when they open a magazine I see a more and more both the
10:29 I’ve exist kinda for understated and design as well so
10:33 this is a
10:43 Gracie represents a very important stepping stone for a bit guilty
10:47 we hope to build on this particular platform
10:50 since this particular size range is a very predominant size range in the
10:55 current motor yacht market in perhaps this variant and also other into the
11:00 traditionally shafted arrangement rather than
11:02 diesel-electric propulsion or with a different superstructure
11:07 layout that allows different Croft to be tied
11:11 on the vessel in normal cruising conditions
11:14 but we are certainly looking to build on this
11:18 both to grow from here and also
11:21 in the smaller size to cut to
11:25 accompany the Zuma 50 for example
11:28 with a more voluminous
11:31 yet still in keeping with the styling on the previous
11:35 the kiltie line with them with more
11:39 accommodation to the owner and guests in the various
11:42 above deck levels to so we’re looking at both ends of the spectrum
11:47 my



Name: Grace E
Type: Motor Yacht
Model: Custom
Sub Type:
Builder: Perini Navi Group
Naval Architect: Perini Navi Group
Exterior Designers: Philippe Briand
Interior Designer: Remi Tessier
Year: 2013
MCA: Yes
Class: Lloyds Register
Hull NB: C.2189
Hull Colour:


Length Overall: 73.30m  (240’5″ft)
Length at Waterline:
Beam: 13.30m  (43’7″ft)
Draft (min):
Draft (max):
Gross Tonnage: 1590 tonnes


Guests: 12
Cabins Total: 6
Crew: 22


Hull Configuration: Displacement
Hull Material: Steel
Superstructure: Aluminium
Deck Material:
Decks NB: 5


Quantity: 2
Fuel Type: Diesel-Electric
Manufacturer: Azipods
Power: 2146hp / 1600kW
Total Power: 4292hp / 3200kW
Propulsion: Twin Azipods

Performance & Capabilities

Max Speed: 16.50 kts
Cruising Speed: 12.00 kts
Range: 7500.00 miles at 12 kts
Fuel Capacity: 185,000.00 L / 40,694.27 USG
Water Capacity: 30,000.00 L / 6,599.07 USG




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