Hallberg-Rassy 43 Allira

Being previous Hallberg-Rassy owners, John and Anne were already well versed in the virtually superior quality of these famous vessels that is known throughout the cruising world.

Video subtitles

0:02 hello and welcome to ya ti
0:03 today we’re really happy to show you our border
0:07 Helbig dressy forty-three name to the era
0:10 she’s an incredibly
0:14 beautiful vessel
0:16 she was commissioned in December 2005
0:26 the the forty threes were produced from
0:29 2001 2007 this to producing the
0:33 however SC 43 marked to which is the same basic held his own
0:37 as you can see she’s
0:40 she’s been incredibly well maintained by her who won only honored
0:46 she’s known me under full covers they were removed today in order to get
0:50 footage
0:52 you can see the rubbing strip on the top so its leading all the way of did
0:57 in this the most filling that covered is the inflatable zodiac
1:04 that
1:07 those as double hatch’s the right after their
1:11 her access to storage as you can see all the sheets they can be easily accessed
1:16 by the helm station
1:17 clinical controls including me
1:21 the most filling and the anchor winch
1:29 he’s got a really comfortable
1:31 held position near really dry raced
1:34 cockpit was one of the well it is one of that
1:37 to try to help address the bread this banister is known as the
1:42 yet to navigation area or chart area
1:46 this the penetrance created since Center
1:49 how it can be raised
1:57 the main shape leave leading down to the travel that’s just sits after the
2:01 the cockpit this 07 away that easily reach
2:04 reached
2:11 them
2:13 those so all four which is in the main copy to our electric
2:27 Sui hit down below here you can see she’s
2:30 she’s finished in a beautiful mahogany the stuff outside here is
2:35 is the galley thats designed to be easy
2:38 easily used in a in a heavy sea the main saloon area here
2:44 they’re looking port to the navigation station
2:49 really comfortable seating in forward-facing
2:52 just a KFC there
3:02 opposite the main city you’ve got the
3:05 I guess their signature this did the 43 too easy chase
3:09 heading off to now them below is the access to the
3:15 to the engine it’s incredibly generous excess today it’s a 55 was pale volver
3:20 this is in the aft cabin the main Kevin
3:24 individual sway
3:29 which is really quite big
3:31 electric heading the on switch
3:39 back towards the devastation this toppling for each data port extra fridge
3:51 this is forwarded to the V berth which also has its own on sweet
3:54 almost as big desert compartment there next to the
3:58 share with it would have been up in and could accommodate was designed to
4:03 accommodate
4:03 washing machine disordered
4:07 she really is quite weak they both you can see the general workmanship day
4:12 with the mahogany and the carpentry the finishing
4:16 she’s extremely well-built the the bill time on these vessels is about seven
4:23 months which
4:24 compares to about seven weeks have
4:27 an average production your she’s absolutely beautiful home
4:31 we’re extremely excited to to offer earlier for sale so please give us a
4:36 call with
4:36 would like to take you on board for inspection

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