En débit de quelques petits défauts de jeunesse, le H9 est incontestablement une réussite, tant sur le plan esthétique que dynamique. Il offre également un haut niveau de confort, une véritable polyvalence et surclasse tous ses concurrents pour ce qui concerne l’équipement. Bref, un concurrent sérieux sur le créneau des semi-rigides de 10 mètres !

Video subtitles

0:06 of the new the salon nap or diesel
0:14 today I’m in Naples on board a maxi holding equipped with two outboard
0:18 on the engines which amp brand new engines up to 150 horsepower reach
0:22 and today the conditions are ideal to test the map
0:29 up it is an Italian product made by BW 8th the Honda
0:34 and was designed by none other in pristine grounded
0:37 it is part of the Forex the range which is an acronym for
0:41 for excellence and this is the h9 mode
0:44 it is known in the market for its quality reliability and performance
0:48 on this philosophy is to maintain high production standards
0:52 always ensure maximum quality in all their products
0:55 ok school to profile which is enhanced by the colors
1:01 gives it an aggressive look and actually makes the dinghy look smaller than idiot
1:06 below debt there is room for two people to sleep there is a movable container
1:10 and the toilet the panel’s a smooth and polished
1:13 and impeccable finish is making tea reelect very elegant peep
1:20 the control panel has four independent electrical circuits
1:23 which are controlled by a digital system that you would usually found in
1:27 automobiles and thanks to the controls at the helm
1:30 it is possible to operate control and reset all the on-board controls
1:35 if the systems that failed there a traditional manual switches
1:39 the integrated in the interior of the cap
1:43 on Dec the center structure that also has seats and slide into any desired
1:47 position the mechanism is completely hidden
1:51 and it allows you to considerably expand the space on board
1:55 behind a safer a foldable table can be mounted into
1:58 easy steps this can also be used as a Sunday
2:01 in
2:06 in
2:08 the galley includes a grill the fridge
2:11 and even the water supply for the seat that can hold a 160 liters
2:16 well
2:20 this model is not a loner Honda fleet comprises a
2:24 three models at seven eight and nine meters respectively
2:27 now it’s time to turn the entry and they already own
2:33 also either I’m dead all they are very silences so very silent in the
2:40 however I would like to do another nap
2:50 it’s incredible it’s a v6 but it runs like a 12-cylinder
2:54 without type rating below
3:03 old
3:05 people borough
3:10 the
3:13 ok
3:16 abd
3:25 to different people are you ready we have 500 horsepower
3:28 disposal on this Honda h9 exceedingly for excellent serious
3:32 on
3:35 can actually help the on-air wanna powerful acceleration
3:39 in just a few moments I’ve reached coltie notes without
3:43 even touching the train tax on
3:48 got my mother 4800 rent a minute
3:51 which is cruising speed for an engine that can reach up to 6300 rents a minute
3:56 and traveling 49 stop but what happens if I certainly pushed
4:01 full Kraken
4:05 already been incredible the acceleration is amazing
4:14 nikki giovanni feel
4:16 property the Japanese technicians put that it wasn’t right to wasted
4:21 field when you don’t need another powerful i’m looking for to their GP car
4:25 care
4:26 when traveling at cruising speed the instrument tell me did I mean economic
4:30 which means that the pilot is controlling the boat in an intelligent
4:33 way
4:34 my people actually it’s the engine its intelligent
4:37 cool
4:41 now all push it to its maximum speed a picture in battle
4:47 good control at the steering wheel got a bit more thrust
4:53 yeah let’s see if we can reach maximum reps as well
4:56 the with line now
5:01 old
5:02 the
5:03 widely incredible 51 not 6300 rest a minute
5:09 it has incredible handling I have to see it the signed but look at how straight
5:14 to keep that schools
5:15 even at full throttle this but it was surely put together by a hundred
5:19 technician
5:19 who is also a speed boat pilot school
5:24 when you go very fast direct air intake at the engine is given priority
5:28 it is the first time that this time consistent used on an outboard engine
5:32 paid the top mafia with direct air intake pressure air is sucked into the
5:36 combustion chamber
5:37 and then call more oxygen but there is another value that is very interesting
5:41 at 3100 Red cement at a speed of 20 all norms
5:46 the fuel consumption each engine is only 18 liters in town
5:50 people
5:54 the Honda engineers have created a very versatile engine
5:58 250 horsepower eternal and blast functions
6:01 and given this out good engine tassels one silent
6:05 relaxed and economical the other school T aggressive and very fast
6:09 it’s up to you to decide how to use it
  • Anno: 2012
  • Lunghezza: 9.53
  • Peso: 3 tons
  • Motore: 2 x 250 Honda VTEC
  • Città: Levanto
  • Codice postale: 00187
  • Regione: Liguria
  • Venditore: Privato
  • Iniziato: 4 settembre 2015 15:41
  • Termina: Annuncio scaduto

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