Invictus 280GT

The GT 280, the first born, has an “half-reverse bow”, sharp and sturdy at the same time. Its pure sides are handled “ad hoc”, with homogeneous transitions from solid to empty, making an exception for the windows and air inlets, made as simple fissures to stress the monolithic signs created on purpose by Christian Grande. The choice of this special bow shape increases the floating length, guaranteeing more longitudinal stability and offering more space in below deck, gaining more cabin comfort.

Video subtitles

0:06 north of Italy Lake I say one summer’s day it will be great to have a motorboat
0:17 this is the Invictus to a TGT it takes one glance at the marvelous flagship to
0:22 understand that this is no ordinary boat
0:28 this partially upside down by our peers sharper massive at the same time and the
0:33 size of the hull are like that to widen to allow for more space inside but at
0:38 the same time
0:38 elegantly carved with us linda profile giving character to this model for the
0:43 best results regarding navigation it see it’s important that the hull is
0:47 completely immersed in the water right up to the last centimeter even at the
0:51 bout this ensures greater stability
0:54 with a civilian I like the contoured seats with the support of the study
0:59 bracket and I like this dashboard with one single glance I can read all the
1:03 instruments
1:05 the engine is a V eight holdover painter with 5.7 liter displacement and
1:09 eight-cylinder 320 horsepower geo prop drive with twins counter-rotating
1:15 propellers these electronic devices help to trim and cruise control it’s an
1:22 elegant both even while driving a quality that promises you’re crazy class
1:33 if it were up to me I would always navigated this be 25 knots at 3800 rpm
1:45 but I think Volvo Penta and Invictus want to show you exactly how fast these
1:50 powerboat can go and I won’t disappoint them
1:59 let’s give it a bit of tricks and simultaneously check us P we’re at 5600
2:09 rpm 37 not the house lurching let’s try removing century
2:17 we go the balance has improved the Hollies much more stable so we must not
2:22 exaggerate with the tilt angle of the stone drive speed has decreased slightly
2:27 more at 36.3 not therefore if you want to reach top speeds keep it trimmed to
2:33 arrive at 37 not if instead you want to cruise a little more comfortably though
2:38 the trip and reach the milder 36 not doesn’t change much in terms of
2:42 performance
2:58 the crossed shield is a symbol of defiance of protection suggesting that
3:04 this power boat will defiantly challenge its competitors even those of
3:08 accomplished names and as for protection
3:11 these high walls shorting the trade every market in this is a book that
3:17 should be appreciated for its details are stopped and show you
3:28 every detail is tasteful and precise first in its design and later in its
3:33 creation cushions with buckles as if they were suitcases and bags take would
3:38 on the gun was one of a kind cleats custom-made steering wheel a kitchen
3:43 with the possibility of adding average and a sofa convertible into some paid
3:47 versions are extremely comfortable
3:50 speedboats was made to enjoy basking in the Sun going for a swim far from sure
3:57 therefore it must have an ample our platform
4:02 below the deck is a lovely sweet very bright with elegant tapestry and an
4:06 atmosphere of grand jury in the passageway a cabinet accommodates the
4:11 fridge which precedes a small dinette and on the starboard a separate bathroom
4:19 since this model is comparable of the finest of luxury yacht in Victor’s has
4:24 given rise to the treaty series with the same aesthetic features of the GTA
4:29 series but format it is a tender and sore lower deck and extra seating
4:38 something new things very clean fresh sheets and yet I do find it almost
4:56 organic shapes that looks culture by hand not rigid
5:00 square but at the same time I decided to forego the more decorative that were
5:05 perhaps years ago
5:06 fashion shows degradable please your shape to perhaps give more attention to
5:11 the power of substance it strength
5:14 thought that is given to each detail the buckles the materials the fabrics
5:24 I feel that this boat should be classified and I slightly higher level
5:29 it stimulates the curiosity and attention of a boat owner who even while
5:34 choosing a small about as they desire to stand out because he has the sensibility
5:38 to understand that even a slight detail can alter the presence of Lee seemingly
5:42 small boats to parallel the greatness of a large equivalent
5:52 yes series by Invictus includes recreational motorboat of 19 to 27 feet
5:58 explorations with stern drive engines
6:05 VFX and Essex serious share the X and by that I mean it’s more of a sporting
6:17 boats that you might using him as a fishing boat EFX has an outboard engine
6:22 and can be set up as a fisherman boat because it evokes those technical
6:27 aspects that are made very true meaning the addition of a live with a hard time
6:33 and a lot more instrumentation
6:51 the Essex has a range of colours the complaint
6:54 classic beauty despite having the shape of a mechanical product the Essex
6:59 retains a somewhat partisan element the tonya upholstery that reminds one off
7:04 questions and continues to stimulate interest of the sport and style
7:29 the concept that inspired this jewel configuration is very unique the whole
7:36 is the same it’s a deep v-shaped fishermen long and slender bout and
7:41 shops turn efficiently cutting through the waves of the choppy seas ahead
7:48 another unique feature provided by the FAA and Essex theories of Invictus is
7:55 the convenience of choosing the engine time that you need outboard or stone
7:59 drive but not only that you can also choose a desired layout of the deck from
8:03 something more recreational to that of a fisherman being able to change your mind
8:08 even after a few years of ownership because perhaps in the meantime become
8:12 passionate about fishing
8:17 now imagine that in the fishermen versions all of these furnishings could
8:23 be removed to make room keys under the bridge console there is a dressing room
8:28 complete with a small bathroom of you can install a t-top and if desired
8:34 rod holders be asked
8:40 of the boat at all only to provide security for children on board their
8:45 cushion to ensure that even if you lose your balance and fall you’ll know you
8:49 land on something soft
8:54 admittedly this design allows you to change the outfitting of the Interior
9:02 for example is this very elegant cockpit with its luxurious finish install the
9:07 sport finished when she stayed back here in place of the kitchen you can put in
9:12 an ice box and a chest of drawers
9:17 vote for allegedly outing swim every so often but in the meantime he became
9:24 passionate about fishing in that case you can remove the sofa and install the
9:28 live well
9:50 the injectors 270 f/x is 100% Italian from the designed to the construction
9:59 and the model that we are testing today is equipped with a 250 horsepower Honda
10:04 outboard engine
10:08 this there is a bit hard perhaps it’ll be worth having an electro hydraulic
10:18 pump
10:25 lending jim is good
10:28 planing which begins at around 12 not
10:34 interconnected with GPS plotter so on a monitor you can observe operating date
10:43 with the motor and in that way you can also see
10:49 we’re at 20 knots at 3600 rpm and were traveling 0 points 7 months later
10:58 26 liters per hour
11:04 4000 rpm the Honda outboard engine of 250 horsepower is so far relatively
11:12 silent speed is increased 23 knots but the consumption has remained quite low
11:17 at zero point seven miles per litre
11:23 changed the water weight is fairly flat there’s no need to use the trim yet but
11:34 if you want to try to raise the angle of the outboard engine a bit will say that
11:38 without even touching the accelerator increases 250 rpm goes up a knock
11:48 it’s only from 4,500 rpm that the motor begins to take on a different great and
11:59 the state become more dangerously 30 not this is a nice cruising speed remote
12:04 this site we are on a lake and water supply steel but imagine being on C it
12:10 would be a lot of fun thrilling if this be
12:20 was assembled with a 17 inch propeller which has a rather interesting
12:27 characteristic when accelerating also elevated cruising speed but the most you
12:33 can do what is the maximum performance of this crap
12:44 simple to look far ahead
12:55 also because the water ski keeping an eye on the dashboard where it
13:01 5,750 rpm and the spade is 38 not but at this time the boat is very light almost
13:07 empty only made the cameraman
13:09 liters of fuel including out
13:14 on this boat here able to install to 150 horsepower outboard engines and I must
13:20 say that this test has proved that one out board does not do it justice so go
13:25 ahead and install a second will give you some satisfaction guarantee


Lenght 8,90 m

Beam 2,84 m

Engine MAX. 320 HP/ 240 KW

Max Spees 38 kn / VP V8 – 320 E (320 Hp) gasoline

Propulsion system Sterndrive

Cabin 1

Weight with engine 2200 kg

Person capacity 8

Fuel tank 450 l

Water tank 70 l

Draught 0,90 l

Categoria B

Design Christian Grande

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