Mako 19 CPX Coastal Predator

The new MAKO 19 CPX Coastal Predator is a multi-purpose bay boat that will put you in incontestable command of both inshore and nearshore fisheries.

Video subtitles

0:01 following opinions are solely those a boat s dot com
0:04 and its test captain hi this is Eric told me for protest dot com
0:08 today will be conducting a performance review and full inspection at the Mako
0:12 19 CPX babe
0:13 since the nineteen CPX is a sporty potent families will use for play time
0:18 as well as fishing let’s check out the performance
0:20 powered by a mercury 150 horsepower four stroke outboard
0:24 turning in nineteen inch pitch ownership replay propeller the nineteen CPX
0:28 reached a top speed of 50.9 miles per hour
0:31 5700 rpm and burn 13.92 gallons per hour
0:35 giving her a ranger 155 miles it wide open
0:38 without the best crews at 3000rpm the boat ran 20 2.8 miles per hour
0:44 and burn 3.6 gallons per hour giving her a range up to 171 miles with 10 percent
0:49 lizard
0:49 an acceleration test the 2008 157 pounds
0:54 19 CPX at a time to play in 3.5 seconds
0:57 keeping the power on we’re and twenty miles an hour six seconds
1:01 and a thirty miles an hour and 8.2 seconds that should be plenty of power
1:05 for telling it to
1:07 when we put the boat through maneuverability test she acquitted
1:10 herself well
1:10 simply whipping through solemn passes and carving tight circles
1:14 she felt solid running chopping lakes and thanks to the flared out a text a
1:18 dry
1:18 to facilitate the drivers job making supplies the boat with seastar hydraulic
1:22 steering
1:24 now that we checked out the performance lets take a look at the boat fishing
1:27 features the large forecasting area
1:29 player from the work and even when anger sample item about she remained stable
1:33 support site outboard in Dec locker is
1:37 open and a starburst iraq’s up to four seven foot long ride
1:41 hatch is open on gas trucks Am Law just after the airport now lockers are
1:47 couplers
1:48 and a port is the fuel filter all the way forward in the batter’s an actor
1:52 locker
1:52 plus a 12-volt power plug for a trolling motor and the receptacle for the
1:56 navigation
1:57 just after the large lock it has a battery tray for the optional trolling
2:00 motor
2:01 and it rains and locks this floor locker has room to store more here
2:05 plus a notch to house a five gallon bucket are casting their it opens on a
2:09 gas truck
2:09 and closes on a thick rubber gasket continuing after there are vertical rod
2:14 holders on each side of the console
2:16 the aft deck also has space for fishing we found the stern
2:19 equally stable one moving about are also two more rivals
2:23 in the aft deck the live well has a 28 gallon capacity
2:27 is painted blue and has a light because the hatch opens
2:30 gas truck anglicans both hands to treat me checking out the helm
2:35 the wheel is a till the accessories which is like my neck flat compared it
2:39 to a place to ride and we like that there’s a 12-volt power plug us to
2:44 couple or so the driver can use wanna try to sell in the base
2:47 a panel provides access to storage reagan and the Pirates
2:50 the aluminum pipe work is sturdy enough passengers
2:54 grappled during a rough ride and it keeps them from grabbing
2:57 acrylic ones now let’s take a look at the nineteen CPX a CD
3:02 there’s a cushion on top of the 72 port cooler on the front side the console
3:06 and the cooler straps in place passengers can put up their feet to
3:09 support themselves
3:10 and the aluminum frame work is within reach improving the boats versatility
3:14 the helms he has a folding for past
3:16 and the backrest can be moved to the driver will be comfortable with the
3:19 spacing forward or aft
3:20 the cooler in the helms he can be used as a fish box for to keep drinks chilled
3:25 we’re jump seats fold up to increase passenger capacity and when they’re not
3:28 needed
3:29 latch closed buyers can choose among six optional side colors
3:33 victory red is a new one for 2016 summing up
3:37 make on 19 CPX is a boat is designed and equipped to fish
3:41 and to meet the needs of an active failed she has the deck space in stores
3:44 that anglers
3:45 on and the performance in seating capacity to keep mom in the kids happy
3:49 all in eighteen-foot 10 inch long package for protest dot com
3:53 I Merkel
Length 18′ 10”
Beam 7′ 9”
Bottom width 6′ 8.5”
Max. Recommended HP (Single) 150 HP
Fuel capacity 47 Gallons
Max. person capacity 5 Persons
Max. person weight 720 Lbs.
Max. weight capacity 1500 Lbs.
Depth inside 18″
Transom height 25″
Deadrise 15 Degrees
Draft 12″
Approx. weight 2500 Lbs.
Approx. package weight 3000 Lbs.
Dry weight 1700 Lbs.
Package width 8′ 4”
Package length 24′ 10”

The Mako 19 CPX draws just 12” (.30 m), making her a competent flats boat, but she can also run out the inlet and fish along the beaches on the right days. Casting platforms bow and stern make for ease in sight-fishing, and the convertible back on the helm seat makes a good spot to watch live baits while anchored offshore.

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