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0:05 good morning I just coming or rebate he let that mean it at Pure nowadays
0:10 dingy so-called grips a fitting name for this new markan revolution 35
0:14 with
0:22 by the web that they will be back at Florida could that be many many first
0:25 look at about
0:25 what hit you first profile somebody engines
0:29 on this one it was the logo this struck me the infusion technology that is
0:36 placed on a perfect addressing cappella rejection into the fiberglass
0:39 allows for light about which is still very steady
0:43 I’ll to compel meds ok acquisto defeated me he’s buying a boat like this is
0:49 want to be caught by someone who wants to race is on the CD
0:52 even if the 99 percent of the time it’s not going to be going over 30 knots
0:56 to go faster but needs to be safe and robust it is for this reason that we are
1:00 going to put this plan to the test
1:02 with the biggest engine possible 700 horsepower
1:05 being admitted that a majority point delivery and good morning
1:09 to blend the engines in with the line to the boat the cylinders have been painted
1:12 the same color
1:13 as the textiles and other elements on Dec a sign that the makers were looking
1:17 for
1:17 aesthetic perfection scrupulous attention has been given to the
1:21 dynamic point to the boat shot with a mop
1:28 so let’s leave can harbor a guy out cycling in the Gulf
1:35 there are two islands in front can’t Sainte Marguerite and saying farewell
1:39 so this is ideal place to throw down the anchor 693 meters deep and perfect for
1:45 snorkeling
1:50 to protect
1:51 right now you can add movable furniture to the sofas at about
1:55 that make up a Sunday when it’s all connected together
1:58 and the site at the stern living area
2:02 as checks that come out to the deck by means of electrical hydraulics
2:06 to make up a Sunday court able to eat at
2:10 the console reflects the sporty spirited the boat
2:14 with chairs and platforms that allow the captain to reduce it
2:18 will just sleep was driving on the folding side of the valdez
2:23 access to the bathroom area with the toilet and shower compartment
2:27 the could be used as a dressing room the area is completed with a kitchenette
2:31 that has a sick refrigerator a coffee table in the cockpit plan
2:36 sidesteps a useful for getting on the boat at the stern
2:39 and boaties mall horizontally details accessories and finishes
2:44 show the care with which the boat has been built and the level of comfort
2:47 well eso
2:50 Assoc off we go
2:54 going to everyone that well is the first positive thing
2:57 a starting speed for claiming which is very low 13.59 switches perfect
3:02 there’s no uplifts on
3:07 got a lot of you thought it would be bad for that young 3
3:11 the cabin is quite unusual different from the other but the lines are very
3:15 soft and clean
3:16 there are no runners or read an converted a fun we love ain’t got
3:22 nothing but
3:23 or can we go cruising at 25 knots 3700 reps an attempt to consumption
3:29 have 70 liters an hour using to 350 horsepower
3:33 mercury the radio engines
3:37 wake up with a cup all these power through schools makes it a done deal
3:40 which should push this marker revolution 35 a little
3:44 and let’s see what she’s gone little bit of trim
3:47 and gas
3:54 goodnight known go abroad
3:57 along let me know
3:58 for the update that we have going for them up or see conditions on Grace the
4:02 waves are at least me too high here in the Gulf
4:04 and there’s nowhere for me to take refuge so I guess I’ll just have to try
4:08 this pose potential
4:09 out in this
4:15 not able to see at the stern little bit of Treme is holding up about
4:19 and if I manage to keep it out of the pics I can control the boat better
4:27 but we’ll keep the safety cut-out on just in case
4:31 5,000 reps and 36 not and we’re still going well
4:38 fucking they are what easily up to 40 knots and 5,300 reps
4:43 going money time to race the trip
4:47 we need to bring up the whole from the water is the wake the ferry let’s see
4:53 what happens
5:01 the Caldwell we came out of the water but coming down wasn’t hard
5:04 the sign of a well-designed clean in the back
5:08 it would be about the propellers came out a bit and
5:11 50 notes and 6,000 reps
5:17 and it can do more and
5:23 but I’m ready to take the foot off the gas if something happens that shit and
5:29 54 not 6400 reps well
5:33 we’re taking off the
5:48 forgot what they don’t tell you kill their cost like and she’s a safe mode
5:52 even in pretty rough conditions the marker revolution 35

Si tratta di un open fruibile da prua a poppa, con ampi spazi per vivere all’aperto ma con un utile cabina spogliatoio che contiene anche una toilette elegantemente arredata.
Il gommone in tutti i suoi comparti è realizzato con materiali ricercati e di grande qualità.

La robustezza dello scafo è stata ottenuta dai progettisti della MAR CO utilizzando la tecnologia Infusion System, cioè l’iniezione di resina nella fibra di vetro, che rende tutta la struttura molto più leggera rispetto alla VTR tradizionale e che consente di ottenere, a parità di motorizzazione, consumi più contenuti.
La linea pulita dell’opera viva assicura un comfort di navigazione davvero elevato.

R – EVOLUTION 35 – in fase di omologazione

Lunghezza fuoritutto  10,65mt
Larghezza fuoritutto   3,60mt
Lunghezza interna secchio  9,50mt
Larghezza interna plancia  10,50mt


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Jump on board the boat of your dreams with The Boat Show!

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