Presentazione del Mercury 40 Pro

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0:09 the new
0:14 of grumbled afraid that it’ll still very cold in the north of Italy
0:21 fax there is still snow in the mountains here on lake is sale
0:25 it is zero degrees king of course we’ll still out signing
0:28 we have good reason what the forty Provo the new 40 horsepower
0:32 outboard I mercury up
0:36 did
0:39 do
0:40 dreading to go try it out
0:51 the next to Mr B dawg at the at the club she solved thanks to the deaths motronic
0:55 control keys all comfortable and more durable movin going slowly
1:09 the boat is really very quiet which the noise meter is confirming right now
1:14 where the new
1:18 well
1:19 I’ll with a satin nickel be set to keep this piece on account
1:26 and I think this is where the first motored pleasure boats for bill
1:29 right here and it’s where our journey starts today the No
1:43 well
1:54 minimum consumption is very low 2.3 not stakes just not point six to seven
1:59 liters per hour
2:00 which means that you can sell for one hour and consume little more than half a
2:04 liter petrol
2:11 a community this is Monty solar in the center for Lacan
2:14 right now we are circling round the west side of the lake
2:26 possible let these upcoming passes from displacement
2:29 see plain mean quickly and fluidly and this is not a small plate
2:33 it’s the morning 6:30 dynamic he takes toll
2:37 too pushy
2:48 X 6.3 meters long and 250 centimeters wide
2:52 so you could take it on the road behind any type of car
2:55 it waz six hundred kilos and can be mounted with engines up to 150
2:59 horsepower
3:00 like these new Mercury one fifties for example
3:03 marlin produce high range boats
3:07 and this model even though it only has the bare essentials is made according to
3:12 the
3:12 typically stringent requirements the required by this podium
3:18 deeply makes it an agile comfortable in rough seas
3:21 and capable of staying on course even three wakes
3:32 with %uh and other study criteria this is ideal cruising speed
3:35 4600 rapes per minute a quarter trim
3:39 and 10 liters per hour consumption nearly 18 knots with one liter petrol
3:44 and you can travel 1.8 miles
3:52 I would be like gary bower all get me disown him out obviously
3:55 you can only get to monticello by boat with very slick go from
3:59 on the banks of the late goal by private means cars are not allowed on the
4:03 islands
4:03 there are only a few residents bicycled
4:21 trades on the New York of a mile north of Monte solar you will find a private
4:24 island of Loretta
4:26 with its neo gothic castle a garden full of conifers
4:29 at the Harbor gaudy by towers
4:52 go down on the bottom one when the engine is set up with four in line
4:58 cylinders
4:58 995 cubic centimeters to develop our
5:02 talk while the electronic fuel injection controls
5:05 the fuel consumption but to really put it to the test
5:10 let’s just forget about all the stator down goes the lever
5:14 and goes the trains
5:20 I’m dream at fifty percent
5:24 and six thousand grams do
5:33 mostly 220 6.5 not
5:36 36.3 me to vote with 40 goals now
5:40 at the Stanley incredible
5:59 I’m
6:02 now you gotta development book a mailing in the winter is a little like skiing
6:06 when you don’t have to pass by anyone is only out like a water
6:10 there
6:18 I double because we’ve done fifteen mile since we left Sonico
6:21 and I’ve reached Liz Reyer on the extreme north of Lake aside
6:25 there’s a harbor here too
6:31 in a medically kwan
6:32 a pearl justice or more thought I could be the mercury 40 Pro comes with the
6:36 same motor
6:36 be sold in the 60 horsepower big foot worship
6:40 which is to say that it has a very high reduction ratio
6:43 equal to 2.33 got this new book
6:46 what exactly does that mean
6:50 you know about the BBQ on it anybody the reduction ratio is the equivalent of the
6:55 keys in the car
6:56 but here there is only 1q which must be chosen probably
6:59 because it’s a fast but because the engine can really push
7:03 even with a lot of people on board
7:07 to the hospital technical details on this and other important ethical
7:11 aspect which is the shape of the foot which in this case allows to mount
7:15 large propellers in order to have a more efficient and effective push
7:19 with sailing with a full line
7:24 there could be ok I guess and this may be a top may not be any definitely make
7:28 your e has a lot of great experience in production
7:30 Hellas it’s hard to get any better even this small
7:33 outboard offers different types in different materials aluminium make
7:37 special
7:38 alloys and steel
7:42 the local stability cattleman Cody I didn’t talk about local being that
7:45 remote or duck when I’m back up on me name accurate the American manufacturer
7:49 as a good 3 40 horsepower engines in its catalogue: the f40
7:54 three cylinder which is suitable for light and fast boats the
7:57 Orion F 40 with its four-cylinder sees able to go
8:01 up to 60 horsepower and this the f40 pro
8:05 but its high reduction ratio a suitable for large heavy boats
8:09 such ease that normally take high powered engines
8:17 I got hey guys I’m it avoid getting five or six if you want to come on board for
8:20 a minute
8:43 for some although it would be like this you can enjoy an outboard boat is big
8:46 business without a license
8:48 unload or your friends he’s gone all
8:51 all the friends he want on it


HP / kW
  • 40 / 30
Engine type
  • Inline 4
Displacement (CID/CC)
  • 60.8 / 995
Full throttle RPM
  • 5500-6000
Fuel induction system
  • 2 valves per cylinder, single overhead cam (SOHC)
Alternator amp / Watt
  • 18 amp / 226 watt
Recommended fuel
  • Unleaded 90RON minimum
Recommended oil
  • Mercury FourStroke Oil 10W-30
Engine protection operator warning system
  • SmartCraft Engine Guardian
Compatible with SmartCraft digital technology
  • Yes
  • Electric (turn-key)
  • Big Tiller Compatible
Shaft length
  • 20″ / 508 mm
Gearcase ratio
  • 2.33:1
Dry weight *Lightest model available
  • 112 kg
CARB star rating
  • 3
Bore and stroke
  • 2.56 x 2.95″ / 65 x 75 mm
  • ECM 07 Digital Inductive
Fuel system
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Cooling system
  • Water-cooled with thermostat
Gear shift
  • F-N-R
Gearcase options
  • Standard
Trim system
  • Power Trim
Exhaust system
  • Through prop
Shallow water trim range (degrees)
  • 20
Remote fuel tank (optional)
  • Yes
  • Phantom Black
Lubrication system
  • Wet sump

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