Navetta 52

The great dream of a seaman is to afford long sailings, gazing at the horizon, without sacrificing the daily comforts available on the mainland.
With no doubt, the Navetta 52 will succeed in meeting this desire, raising charm and curiosity thanks to the combination of the spaces size, the efficiency and the refinement of its details.

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0:11 today to test
0:17 better 52 by absolute
0:21 a few days ago I was at the shipyard to see how and with which materials this
0:29 stroller is made
0:37 absolutely to die young Italian company they started production in 2002 but
0:43 their founders are greatly experienced and have been building boats for almost
0:46 50 years I’d say they know pretty well how about should be made
0:59 the boat has just been launched and is ready for a test those who follow
1:05 closely the world of boating have noticed that in recent years
1:09 shipyards and began to reduce recreational trawlers a long time ago
1:13 this term was used to indicate only displacement hull boat boats that
1:18 navigate without changing trim a bit like ships you know today those rollers
1:27 can even plain and reach speeds as high as 20 knots and I thought however their
1:37 purpose remains fundamentally as means to navigate safely and comfortably in
1:42 all sea conditions overall with a low consumption while creating a
1:46 displacement
1:49 when one decides to purchase a young with a flying bridge it is usually
1:53 designed to have a very large upper deck and that’s exactly what absolute is done
1:58 here
2:01 the sun bathing area on the stern is very wide is a BBQ in the dining area
2:08 for six people
2:09 the t-top enhances the deck creating a more livable space and a retractable
2:15 awning gives an extra area of shape when needed
2:21 Nov that all this role at comparable to a house on the sea
2:27 must have a very comfortable interior living space
2:38 accordance with the latest trends the living area has a few span of three
2:42 hundred and sixty degrees
2:49 the kitchen perfectly placed in a corner of the living room and accessible also
2:54 from the outside
2:55 takes full advantage of the space given impeccable decker with preformed race
3:00 for cutlery plates and glasses a sliding glass window separates the cooking area
3:04 from sitting room
3:13 accommodate a people around the table there are 68 just as there are 6 beds
3:22 things that are characteristically nautical the stone coloured oak wooden
3:28 flooring texture to avoid slipping and handrails on the ceiling very useful yet
3:33 rather rare to find on luxury yacht
3:41 absolute functionality is essential and his cabinet designed perfectly living on
3:46 board the bed is a standard two meters by one hundred and sixty centimeters
3:51 there’s a lovely makeup vanity in the corner the TV appears only when needed
3:55 and the closet is capacious the portholes in Windows widen the
3:59 appearance of the cabin
4:08 dark marble with rust-colored veins and class and beauty to the bathroom sink is
4:13 enameled on the outside
4:19 what about your guests take note that the gas cabin is large and spacious with
4:27 sufficient headroom like now one can stand upright even here in about
4:39 the guest cabin also has direct access to the bathroom with an unusual sliding
4:43 door which is rather difficult to achieve on a boat because it must not
4:47 rattle but very useful to say space
4:57 camping contains twin beds
5:05 a call from the console is very compact in this way you have everything at your
5:11 fingertips and other control the dashboard is anti glare so you can use
5:15 the instruments better any moment of the day sunlight but also when navigating at
5:20 night
5:22 young corporal this site which allows immediate access to the outside is a
5:28 rarity on a boat of 52 feet a month Janeiro and does not block the
5:34 passageway
5:37 sunbathing area at the power is 43 people and has adjustable backrest
5:42 furthermore there is a long so far right in front of the windshield
5:48 request off and on for any media stevie Shae you like this should be used not
5:54 only during the summer months but throughout the whole year for this
5:57 reason absolutely ought to cover the passageway with an overhang and provider
6:01 both top enabling you to create of Aranda around the site and in the
6:05 cockpit
6:15 a lot of time is spent on board and also at the docs a blind has been installed
6:19 to give some privacy the ceiling of the cockpit is fitted with tapestries and
6:23 elegant demonstration of how this place is an extension of the interior
6:33 the oft platform is not only an access to the sea a grill and sink can also be
6:38 installed door that leads directly to the crew cabin just like on large lot
6:42 and from here we enter the engine room
6:47 now we must the performance are the engines and leaving still to Volvo Penta
6:59 D six engines of 435 horsepower combined with IPS pulling propellers four valves
7:05 per cylinder with common rail fuel injection after coolers and compressor
7:10 in short they have all the technology needed to ensure high efficiency and
7:14 space
7:23 she’s beautiful she’s comfortable she’s perfectly crafted to like this is a
7:29 fundamental purpose to take you cruising for as long as possible
7:37 the BMO study leader community in your arsenal curiously separate we must see
7:42 how she navigates I’m also curious to know how much it will cost me that
7:50 they’re not consumed way the
7:52 going at seven knots at a consumption of two liters per mile
7:56 very low if you decide to navigate on displacement gas consumption is not a
8:00 problem
8:04 I feel that navigating from here is ideal thanks to these comfortable extra
8:11 seats are able to share this with family and friends
8:19 very recently implied the needle here says how much I weigh in reality it only
8:27 serves to regulate the shock absorber an extra comfort
8:33 2500 rpm and the boat is playing without using the flap is not necessary to do so
8:42 this place but consumption is 6.6 litres per mile
8:46 sure we’ll find a more efficient creating space for example I’m at sixty
8:57 knots and a few consumption per mile is not changed but we’re going faster in
9:06 short this complaining allows you to travel many miles in a short time span
9:10 has tried to reach maximum cruising speed
9:18 cruising speed that I prefer nineteen not it seems to me that the boat is
9:24 lighter on the water
9:25 gliding smoothly despite its size and weight and consumption it’s amazing it’s
9:30 still the same 6.6 litres per mile
9:33 it doesn’t change our continued to navigate this way I like it
9:56 problem is easily overcome turning radius is very tight but his life is
10:10 reduced to a minimum
10:14 back now go full speed the Reds rise 3300 3400 3500 let’s try to adjust the
10:26 collapse of 224 not not bad for this 54 trawler
10:38 wow look at how far we are from the coast this boat goes fast I didn’t
10:44 realize we gone so far
10:50 this type of craft is not only a stylistic trend but serves to lengthen
10:58 the waterline and stabilize the whole the straight edge eases the entry into
11:01 the way and that brings several advantages about is not her daughter
11:06 violently therefore the structure of the boat is subject to less stressed and the
11:11 speed of the whole remains constant all of which determines the greatest comfort
11:14 for the passengers
11:22 because she’s solid in the shipyard we saw how she was built
11:33 absolutely uses a unique method they produce a wooden structure that is
11:37 inserted into the hole which is then attached to it and also to the deck they
11:42 call it the ISS integrated structural system without you have a sturdy boat
11:46 solid and compact capable of withstanding the stress of high waves
11:50 and high spate
11:57 with the country there is another very interesting fact regarding the shipyard
12:03 their boats are sold equally and in the same way in America Asia and Europe with
12:09 a slight predominance in the Mediterranean there is no doubt that
12:12 this there’s a 252 will be well appreciated all around the world

A seaman will only appreciate these features, feeling satisfied during his sailings. What about the novices? Nothing better than the Navetta to get involved in sea’s wonders and start a life-lasting cruise through its charming beauties.

DEMO 2016
2 x Ips 600 Volvo D6
Engine hours:
Consumption L/H:
3 – 7 l/m
20 – 25
lt 2000
Water tank:
lt 550

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