Nitro ZV 18 Review 2015

The new 2015 Nitro ZV 18 is a slightly smaller version of the already acclaimed ZV 21. Nitro designed the ZV 18 for the multi-species fishing angler, meaning multi-tackle, multi-bait, multi-livewell and multi-rod stowage.

Video subtitles

0:00 following opinions are solely those of boat test dot com and it’s Test captain
0:05 hi I’m erik Cole before boat test dot com today we’re going to be doing a full
0:09 performance evaluation and inspection on the Nitro zev 18 so let’s check her out
0:27 our first impression of the GV 18 is that she feels bigger than her
0:30 eighteen-foot 11 inch length thanks to her tall windscreens indeed cockpit
0:35 she’s a multi-species boat which means that fishermen are going to go after a
0:38 variety of fish in a variety of weather and water conditions let’s see if she
0:42 can handle it
0:43 zev 18 is a fishing boat let’s start with the fishing features she comes with
0:48 a Minn Kota trolling motor oil in a banker lights and at rumba and for the
0:54 outboard motor about casting deck has space for a couple of anglers Inn is a
0:58 good size for a dead child to use together we like to the deck rails are
1:02 recessed and that nitrouz pull-up cleats to keep fishing lines from getting
1:06 snagged now storage and the CD 18 features two outboard lockers with
1:11 manual LED lights they would be good for stashing foul weather gear fenders or
1:15 lifejackets aft to starboard as a bait well with a removable bucket the well is
1:22 blue and has rounded corners to reduce stress on the baby across to port is an
1:27 indirect cooler the small been in the corner is designed to keep sandwiches
1:31 out of the melting ice just above the cooler the fuel fill is in the deck and
1:35 nitrile provides access to the fuel line and sending wires through this
1:38 inspection plate beneath the center step up to the bow there’s a three-tiered
1:43 locker that can fit rods up to eight feet long
1:46 nitrous has the capacity is 30 Rock’s total the hatch opens onto gas struts
1:50 and has dual locking latches for security in the base of the step up to
1:54 the bay area this glove box style Locker has space for to 3600 series tackle
1:59 boxes
2:01 I thought will feature on the CD 18 are these extra tall windshield which will
2:05 provide better protection from spread taking a look at the ZBA teens cockpit
2:10 there are three pedestal mounted seats and the afternoon can be moved to a
2:13 second position in the cockpit or the aft deck for fishing
2:22 support outboard the co-pilot’s seat is patent-pending fishing net storage just
2:28 ahead the glove box locks and the interiors carpeted to soften the right
2:31 for the contents the wraparound stainless rail will come in handy during
2:34 rough rise to starboard the helm has hydraulic steering ended tilt wheel the
2:40 Lorentz mark 5 x-pro fish finder is protected behind the windscreen and the
2:44 dark finish should help reduce glare on the multi-function gauges accessory
2:50 panel has a master power switch that overrides all the others it’s a smart
2:53 idea that helps prevent an accessory from accidentally being left on after
2:58 starboard the ship to throttle controls are comfortable position and below
3:01 there’s a couple and toric
3:07 beneath the helm console or another storage shelf with retaining lip and
3:11 angled footrest for the driver between the cockpit seats it’s easy to get to
3:16 the batteries and charger with this large locking hatch natural might want
3:20 to consider supporting the hatch for the gastric step up to the after and there’s
3:25 room for a single fishermen are bringing his catch for boats without a kicker
3:29 motor the four step ladder is aft to starboard outboard on both sides of the
3:34 CBA teens aft deck our lockers with removable tubs that have slots 2007 3700
3:40 series tackle boxes each the hatches lot but again we’d like to see nitrouz gas
3:45 trucks to hold them up so anglers can use two hands to retrieve here to
3:51 senator hatch is open the after 26 gallon Guardian live well that has a
3:55 removable divider if multiple species need to be separated a bait bucket
3:59 rounded corners and aeration and recirculation systems to help keep the
4:04 water and it could temperature the lids are insulated ski tow pylon is an
4:10 available option on the CD 18 and installs in this receptacle in this turn
4:15 this hatch and the splash wall provides access to the locking system for the
4:19 pylon now let’s see how the CD 18 performs powered by a mercury 200
4:25 Optimax two-stroke outboard turning a 14 and a half I eighteen-inch fury
4:29 stainless steel blade propeller we reached a top speed of 46.5 miles per
4:34 hour at 5,500 rpm and burned 18.4 gallons per hour giving her a range of
4:39 103 miles thats cruise was at 3000 rpm where she ran 22.8 miles per hour and
4:45 burned 5.8 gallons per hour
4:47 resulting in a range of 160 miles
4:51 after Artest tracker found corrosion on the CVA teens test prop when they reran
4:57 the boat with a 14 and a half inch by 18 inch inertia propeller tracker
5:01 technicians had a top speed of 51.9 miles per hour and 5740 rpm and found
5:07 their best cruise at 3500 rpm and acceleration test the talk of the two
5:12 stroke was evident as tested the boat waiting at 2990 pounds and it played in
5:17 3.4 seconds before running 220 miles per hour and four point four seconds and a
5:22 thirty miles an hour in 6.5 seconds when we put the CD 18 through our
5:28 maneuverability test she passed with flying colors transitioning smoothly
5:32 through slalom turns and tracking confidently through circles in sweeping
5:35 arcs we also have the chance to run her in some wind-whipped shop and at the
5:39 bottom with a deep Ballantrae and 17 degrees of deborah’s the transom knocked
5:43 down waves with ease
5:46 ZD 18 is a strong contender in the under 20 foot multi species class official
5:52 vote she’s well equipped with items such as a trolling motor fish finder and
5:55 alive well and there’s plenty of space for fishing the cockpit should lend
5:59 itself to more family-friendly activities such as cruising water sports
6:03 and we like to the standard windscreens are twice as tall as we usually see
6:07 finally she comes on a trailer and attractively priced package
6:12 and that wraps up our evaluation of the nitros ed 18 for boat esta com I’m erik
6:17 Cole B


Nitro ZV18 (2015-) Specifications
Length Overall 18′ 11”
5.77 m
Dry Weight 2,300 lbs.
1,043 kg
Beam 102”
2.59 m
Tested Weight 2,990 lbs.
1,356 kg
Draft 19.75”
0.50 m
Weight Capacity N/A
Draft Up N/A Person Capacity N/A
Draft Down N/A Fuel Capacity 45 gal.
170 L
Air Draft N/A Water Capacity N/A
Deadrise/Transom 17-deg. Length on Trailer N/A
Max Headroom open Height on Trailer N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A Trailer Weight N/A
Total Package Weight (Trailer,Boat & Engine) N/A

Engine Options

Nitro ZV18 (2015-) Engine options
Std. Power 1 x 150-hp Mercury XL 4-stroke
Tested Power 1 x 200-hp Mercury OptiMax 2-stroke
Opt. Power 1 x 150-hp Mercury XL OptiMax Pro XS
1 x 200-hp Mercury XL OptiMax
1 x 200-hp Mercury XL Verado

With her taller hullsides, deep cockpit and higher windscreens, the Nitro ZV18 is a multi-species fishing boat designed to navigate a broader variety of waterways and to keep passengers comfortable when conditions get rough.

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