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All the pleasure of yachting to the umpteenth degree, the Pershing 82 is a brillian answer to the most extreme challenge of comining compact size with the best sports features. 24m long and with a beam of 5.5m in the beam? it reaches a maximum speed of 45 knots with an autonomy of over 300 miles.

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0:10 the dark in a program or outright also suppose on this program
0:14 but today we are going to try out the best
0:21 thought back today at the outlets 4,000 860 horsepower
0:25 this machinery
0:31 I
0:32 said
0:46 made a more yes because of the mooring somewhat the NGS
0:50 let’s have a look at the park
0:56 she doesn’t have anything in common with any other motor yacht even the furniture
0:59 and fittings go above and beyond
1:05 VAT to model is what you would call she Italian excellence
1:08 recognized by international experts who have shot the spoke with impressive
1:12 awards
1:16 is 23 meters in ninety nine centimeters long
1:18 5.5 meters wide the block coefficient equal to no 23
1:23 so cute practically goes like an arrow through the water
1:29 its aggressive look clearly reveals its intentions
1:32 and performance wise it takes your breath away
1:38 and living area opens up to the outside with a sliding glass door
1:42 divided in three disappears fire any genius fully automated hydraulic system
1:50 cockpit is an extension of the living room and consists of a living room come
1:54 relaxation area which is protected from the Sun the sundeck is
1:58 stern
2:02 soft leather sofas glass tables
2:04 and exclusive furnishing accessories really appealed with a classy modern
2:08 style
2:08 come from the likes a famous Italian companies like Poltrona Frau
2:13 & Casino the lines of a low-level furniture drawer the life
2:17 with ex open full of brush type convo nicht wench
2:31 the helm shows of all this post technology
2:33 from the form of the dashboard to the driving seat
2:38 the doors open automatically on the side x
2:44 and even a portion of the rent for Dec house opens electrically
2:54 in addition to the traditional bow some desk at the Val has a very cozy living
2:58 area and
3:00 warning to protect from the Sun putting in the table
3:03 this area becomes a lovely place to the point of
3:11 pleasure 82 is at the forefront of technological excellence in everything
3:15 there is a Stanley native open leading to the sunday
3:19 which leaves the cult briefly
3:25 the upper deck he’s just made for the thrill a speeding along out in the open
3:29 the dashboard is normally load for aerodynamic and aesthetic reasons
3:33 but when it’s needed and electro-hydraulic control it brings it
3:36 into position
3:37 and even raises a small wind chills all
3:40 long co-chairs converting to lounge chairs in the Sun area with
3:47 electrically adjustable backrest are another original
3:50 and functional accessory of the small fly well
3:58 kiss then becky’s hollow about the tender storage area
4:01 which itself is equipped to housing jet ski and thinking
4:04 and to make it easier to get to the beach abortion
4:07 the possum can be folded well
4:12 linkage but he’s very welcoming especially for the onus
4:16 main bedroom is located just above the waterline and at the center of gravity
4:20 said that the PLO’s movements aren’t as noticeable
4:24 the room is very spacious and large windows over the water
4:28 in the cabin and the bathroom yum shares of all hand sign
4:35 and made by Frau deep
4:41 low-tech LED lighting has special the fuses and is recessed into the ceilings
4:46 yes there are three cabins for guests
4:51 one with twin beds that can be made into a double another double with two single
4:55 beds
4:56 at the bow their is a VIP guest room with its own
4:59 on sweep of Thrace
5:02 the kitchen is at the stand in the trial court is
5:06 way you can also find the captain’s and to say this campaign’s
5:10 this
5:16 yes
5:19 welcome back to the with that the main
5:23 unity putting Wesley be the top that our own net remove the party thoughtful
5:27 Davis said of the doubt i win this battle a bunch of this size and power
5:31 could be driven by any yachtsman
5:33 or could be left to a professional captive okay let’s go
5:36 Emanuel above sea level Lee problems the only super feature
5:40 about severing the propulsion area lowering the flaps
5:44 boy and let it go
5:50 I get silly Cassano complete I mean the math appt
5:53 even if the propellers a completely masked the power and the talk of these
5:56 engines
5:57 is such that they can move them without having to first bring them up to the
6:01 surface to Kavita
6:02 as the parking space we can race the class a little by little
6:05 in this way we eliminate the break which would slow the fuck down
6:10 isn’t it obvious officially they’re numerology
6:15 as the number of revolutions goes up we can even bring the surface proportions a
6:19 little higher
6:20 as the speed increases we can remove the flaps completely
6:28 I just took a letter to dock a all craving but you cannot now that we’re
6:32 going over 35 knots
6:33 still we can raise the promotion said small bring the propellers
6:37 up to the water level so that there is minimum resistance and maximum
6:41 efficiency
6:41 and bass is are we going to go as fast as possible
6:44 yes
6:51 with the question of the seminal probably got this back
6:54 notably such evidence preval
6:57 policemen overseeing too complicated don’t worry just watch
7:01 press a key on the central display and look
7:04 everything is now don’t automatically by a preset Abu computer
7:09 which of course can be set to live different configurations please just
7:16 email
7:16 out to the with the auto trim system you don’t have to do anything
7:19 just speed up automatically means that
7:25 livable city the promotion surfaces load automatically and the flax lower
7:30 at least until the boat starts the plane about sixty
7:33 to 70 knots
7:38 I thought you didn’t go to the TAT floppy yummy as rates rise
7:42 the flaps and transmission rise to in a way that has a different effect on the
7:46 push
7:46 the post less resistance and more efficiency cool down
7:50 automatically
7:53 a ready to take what I want that all the other two die in pussy did i do
7:57 it’s amazing work forty knots an impossible speak for many Monte
8:00 ostracized
8:01 and look how I’m driving the buggy Navy with the levers on the right hand
8:05 and not using the roads were taught abounding the lead but Taylor
8:08 big small even that lets me drive easily but also in the convenience but still
8:13 precise way
8:14 on
8:17 possible so that sucks 40 knots but we’re only at 2100 rpm
8:21 and there’s still a lot of gas and speak to be had
8:27 this is the body control although not good enough said no
8:30 the SUV automatic control system also optimizes fuel consumption another
8:34 incredible plus with spied
8:36 then on the and to you monitor we don’t just see the instantaneous consumption
8:41 but also how much is left depend on Speedway ago
8:47 one effective without the 57 tons of cruising assertive its potential
8:51 24 meters long 4,000 170 horsepower
8:55 a more than 46 not which is more than the book young claims can do
8:59 incurred
9:04 and you shouldn’t always go so fast you can even go happily
9:07 30 minutes but this place it seems hardly anything
9:11 and the noise McAfee is unbelievable less than 70 DB I
9:15 it’s extremely quiet
9:24 David the network through the effect the call me
9:28 people the tiller handle can be like the hell and look at the immediate response
9:32 how tight the turning radius acid gobble you one
9:35 with three talking that like yeah
9:39 photo by devout about grieve not only that but the trains
9:44 automatic control system likes the external transmission slightly lower
9:47 so that the London the motives he’s absolutely identical
9:50 which means like really well
9:56 funding dunno yes the statement but the local map within three minutes
10:00 going down the trims automatic control system brings back
10:03 all the controls the proportion and flats ready to play again
10:11 finishing a fun filled with and without the persian 82
10:14 has proven vice performance today to be a trooper Jean
10:17 with ex technology its style but this test has
10:20 now created a serious problem group you think we will ever find a bug better
10:25 than this one

The agressive exterior profile suggests performance, while the upper deck with concealed pilot station enhances the slender beauty of the profile.

  • Builder: Pershing
  • Model: Pershing 82
  • Year: 2013
  • Boat Type: Cruiser
  • LOA: 81’11”
  • Beam: 18’1″
  • Draft: 4’7″

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