Prestige 680 Review

Coming to complete the PRESTIGE range of luxury yachts, the new PRESTIGE 680 incorporates all the usual key features that have made the PRESTIGE range a success whilst adding to those the marks of excellence of the PRESTIGE 750.

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0:00 about an hour ago we landed at dubrovnik airport with Ben West’s down here to the
0:14 ATI Moreno in dubrovnik and today we’re going to travel from here don’t cut off
0:19 and Montenegro and we’re going to do it on this the prestige 680 is boats being
0:25 here in the last couple of weeks being prodded and poked by dealers one of the
0:29 world in a few VIP customers but now is our machines in what an opportunity is
0:33 where we’re very lucky they were gonna take it down to Monsignor going back and
0:36 really get beneath the skin of the largest boat journeys overbuilt and it’s
0:40 a factory
1:30 and then we hope you’ll hear stories about she staying the night in
1:45 Montenegro which is switches down here beautiful sheltered about 40 miles and
1:51 we’re going to take a nice day she could have passed away now should be there
1:53 about six o’clock weather is beautiful
1:56 should be a fantastic trip dubrovnik is now receding into the background which
2:01 means we can as I mentioned inspires IPS 1280 aside she should top out about this
2:08 you know that you can cruise anyway really between sort of a russian boy you
2:17 can really possible as it is now we’re going to look at what it’s not much of a
2:28 challenge she feels like up to the space you think about how you are going to be
2:37 some changes we noticed that these dogs have to see the disposition they are
2:44 gonna be made up on the spot in between the two top of the screen will be much
2:49 better
2:50 joystick to this site so that you can see double sided about when you’re
2:56 coming alongside like what is a bit of adjustment to sit back and just as soon
3:08 as it is today also private calls back and enjoy the ride
3:16 well as making doesn’t get much better than that we’ve just come on a
3:22 completely flat calm day we’re inside the whole time their creation months in
3:28 a grand coastline is just absolutely breathtakingly beautiful are now we
3:32 arrived and today we have the largest fueled in southern Europe fuels in
3:39 southern Europe now where I largest bond fund its part the mountain bike heading
3:43 straight since polls opened today after what has been a pretty good one for that
3:47 in the water so that the saloon it’ll be very familiar to anybody yet the guy
3:54 asked opens up very easily have a small internal dining area here the table she
4:00 just for that she can get six people round they’re pretty comfortably moving
4:03 backwards you have the past his trademark which of course is the
4:08 separate access to the guest cabins this boat has a large double cabin which is
4:12 where the mosque would normally be about the size of a pair of twins down there
4:17 as well with the bathroom and then moving this way this is your main
4:21 landing area of course we have them the biggest power windows a headache cut
4:25 down to the bar walks her that you really do have a great view out this can
4:29 be replaced with a sofa with the telomeres and the Taliban ends up behind
4:33 me here but this layout seems to work very well and of course you have the
4:37 house and the best thing I think about how is this side door because he’s
4:41 really really big very easy to use
4:43 you can open up talk to crew and you can even use the IPS joystick while you got
4:47 ya head just poking outside so you can see where you going really really good
4:51 but ps2 resistance on this boat thing that separates it from the competition
4:55 is this credible
4:57 now this is something that we say first on 750 the flagship of the range and a
5:05 very neatly transferred down here to the 680 really does feel special most the
5:11 time you must of course and then ships looking ahead room in this place
5:16 6 42 643 maybe more even more was hatching a load of light they managed to
5:20 get three big cuts in the ceiling these still have a full some pad forward the
5:24 middle and opened as well and you have lines now ships of glazing either side
5:28 and a higher than normal boats you’re not looking into other people’s forward
5:32 cabins and then there’s a space in here
5:34 completely flat floor walk around the bed no problem nice low set but as well
5:38 go east again and out of her bedside tables little Bureau as well
5:46 changed all the bits and bobs really nice to say a proper walk-in wardrobe as
5:53 well
5:54 people like that and then of course you have a very nice bathroom
6:00 glowing enhances but not easy but you get the idea really nicely finished
6:05 shower cuba which is sunken down so you have lots of headroom a very nice
6:10 respect and the finish is very good as well they’ve really at the game on the
6:13 680 it feels like a special product as I mentioned a guest cabins are going to
6:19 look so you can either have three or four cabins on board the pastiche
6:23 exciting this particular has four cabins which means you get identical twins
6:27 forward which behind me and asked you have well it’s supposed to be the VIP
6:33 cabin but it may as well be a second because almost base this size this is
6:39 the most of all I was slightly bigger but the layout you have the windows of
6:43 the totally flat floor you have a nice load bad really lovely separate bathroom
6:48 you know they are you in as which one is the mark of it if you encourage on a boy
6:53 is quite noisy out front because you know about the new come down here and
6:56 sleep in the peacefulness damages or just give it to a guest right then
7:02 6:30 in the morning but an early start a review so heads among secure after the
7:07 local grabber but nothing like an early photoshoot to blow the cobwebs away so
7:12 we’re about to head out there is so still is morning rounds the Bengal
7:16 torrent and get a few photos of the 680
8:05 so we finally been released from customs in months ago which is giving us the
8:08 opportunity to child lol how to structure a quiet conditioning by 2025
8:19 not stalin you wouldn’t know it she is very rare finds it is so sweet
8:24 in terms of that position but an upstairs you’re much closer to
8:28 everything everything feels too and Sally’s I love having three screens
8:32 engine dolls and other child as well everything so easy and you could just
8:37 touch screen sort between controls down prices have a tattoo that quite thick
8:43 million head that’s the only person with a disability say that is really quite
8:47 large and you do lose bites and education along but the view behind this
8:50 class is really no blood spots whatsoever looking back so that’s good
8:55 looking to fill the helms really does look rather nice household stuff and it
9:00 is a good flat area just a poor you can stop child so really nicely designed to
9:08 help don’t you just hate it when you come into a pool it’s 68 one and
9:13 three-quarter million pound flybridge and there’s somebody here and 104 meet a
9:17 lesson with about 2000 bought trying to get them all to immigration and customs
9:22 I think we might be here for a long time so here we are then back at the lunch
9:27 but we started out yesterday this time for dinner one thing we’ve done 11 this
9:32 trip is Croatia Montenegro amazing places to go cruising yes she’s been
9:36 there was a customs down then but well worth the effort and the bel canto is
9:41 one of those places that you have to put on your boating bucket list but what
9:44 about the Bible hasn’t been particularly challenged over the last couple of days
9:48 went over about four waves and they’re all very small but I can tell you is
9:52 that she’s a very comfortable quiet cruiser real easy mama nature and really
9:57 perform very well over the last couple of days but that’s to be expected
10:00 conditions where she really sets us apart from the competition though is
10:04 this layout this main deck must come in below me is very special it wasn’t a 750
10:08 and it is even more so in this market now prestige has sold three of these
10:13 boats in the UK alone off planet hasn’t even been launched a can and I really
10:19 trying their public an end up selling a fair few more

You will find an interior design that brings light, space and cosiness and is easy to move around. With lines that are still daring and timeless, with top quality finish and materials, the PRESTIGE 680 maintains the historic technical attributes of the range and benefits from the latest innovations.


Prestige Yachts 680 (2015-) Specifications
Length Overall 70’ 5”
21.46 m
Dry Weight 65,698 lbs.
29,800 kg
Beam 17’ 6”
5.33 m
Tested Weight 71,407 lbs.
32,389 kg
Draft 5′ 2”
1.58 m
Weight Capacity N/A
Draft Up N/A Person Capacity N/A
Draft Down N/A Fuel Capacity 911 gal.
3,450 L
Air Draft N/A Water Capacity 243 gal.
920 L
Deadrise/Transom N/A Length on Trailer N/A
Max Headroom N/A Height on Trailer N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A Trailer Weight N/A
Total Package Weight (Trailer,Boat & Engine) N/A

Engine Options

Prestige Yachts 680 (2015-) Engine options
Std. Power 2 x 900-hp Volvo Penta IPS1200
Tested Power 2 x 900-hp Volvo Penta IPS1200
Opt. Power 2 x 900-hp VOLVO D-13 IPS3

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