Stingray 182SC: First Look Video


We were able to climb aboard the 2016 Stingray 182SC at the Palm Beach Boat Show to get a first look. While this model boat has been around for awhile, it’s functionality and affordability will never go out of style—see for yourself. Video subtitles 0:02 this is a stingray 182 and it’s not exactly a brand new boat it’s been 0:06 around for a couple of years but we’re walking around the Palm Beach Boat […]

BOSTON WHALER 270 vantage — 4K resolution

NEO 400

The Boston Whaler 270 Vantage is designed from the keel-up to be a multi-purpose boat that can tackle almost any mission with family or fishing buddies. The fender holder below the helm console is just one example of clever use of storage space, and the broad bow doubles as either a casting platform or a sunning area, once the cushions are in place. The walkthrough windshield provides wind and spray protection, and a full set […]

Cormate T27 Supermarine

Cormate T27

A Norwegian designed, quality boat with unusually high finish and great details. T-27 combines the usability of a center console deck arrangement with the comfort of a day cruiser. The open and user-friendly lay out gives easy access to all of the boats outside area, it also includes four integrated fenders for easy one-movement fendering when mooring. T-27 has a sheltered sunbathing area in the bow and an elegant sun bed/activity platform aft. The rear […]



S specifičnim dizajnom vas model 660 Vintage spomni na šestdeseta leta, na čas, ko sta bila užitek v vožnji in eleganca še kako pomembna. Vožnja s tem gumenjakom vas popolnoma prevzame in počutite se kot, da se v tradicionalni ameriški kabrio limuzini brezskrbno peljete po dolgi ravni cesti brez točno določenega cilja. Novi model Vintage 660 je zasnoval priznani dizajner g. Chriastian Grande. Video subtitles 0:05 Inc 0:07 perfect 10 been shot down will only […]



In the Corsair line Chris-Craft has captured an harmonious combination of nautical tradition, high style and romance, building a boat that takes us back to a time when arriving wasn’t the goal, but arriving in style, luxury and comfort was. The Chris-Craft of today does all that and more. In the Corsair 25 our test revealed that we need to add performance to the list as well. Video subtitles 0:03 another thing that i testing […]



Jump on board the boat of your dreams with The Boat Show! Video subtitles 0:11 siamo sul lago di garda greta meridionale del lago di como e da qui 0:16 comincia oggi il nostro pesca e il nostro viaggio con un gommone il elba 0:21 df 600 0:29 questo gommone e è realizzato con tecniche tradizionali 0:32 face l’impiego di materiali 0:34 di largo uso e la stella gioco è ottimizzato per ridurre i tempi […]

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