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0:15 now watching Toy Impreza
0:16 to people yet the 90 400 is an all Italian bike
0:20 became about thanks to the expertise if paolo so mara
0:23 are the best Italian sailors there’s ever been went on to set up in business
0:27 as a cell maker
0:28 and now as a bogey on Giovanni Ceccarelli
0:32 known for his creative work in the America’s Cup led the design project for
0:35 this boat
0:36 win nearly up to nine knots which with nine knots of wind
0:40 is incredible for twelve and a half me to boat but the true luxury of this boat
0:44 which will have a look at shortly are the amazing feeling she gets when he’s
0:48 sailing
0:49 we use to the little luxuries in life glass finally
0:53 called back a red but with this neo 400
0:56 we’re talking about something completely different another world
0:59 altogether
1:05 and Sun Duluth and if you know the person about comeuppance up on
1:09 p.m. compatible Muslim yes this is James the
1:13 I’ll chink want then they can pull a second it’s a book with him but his
1:16 pursuits journalists that
1:18 and put a politician said when I was thinking about who was going to buy this
1:21 boat
1:22 I didn’t think if the buyer is such book more about what I with me
1:26 so I thought about fifty year old who perhaps eyes limited time to use the
1:30 boat
1:30 but still wants the same experience they had when they were sailing years ago
1:34 even on Winsor resulting is but having it all with a degree of comfort and
1:39 safety editing
1:40 so they can enjoy a high performance sailing experience with for those few
1:44 hours
1:44 regardless of how strong the wind is or a more leisurely soil
1:48 or even a more lengthy regatta your in both the idealization in the practical
1:53 for projects the idea was
1:55 always to create a totally made in Italy boat
1:58 is always been my approach around for twenty years of my career
2:02 just why are chose my supplies and designers from the Italians and Italian
2:07 firms
2:07 really wanted to follow a project like this all mean even those who
2:11 maybe had a little less commercial experience all
2:14 moreover designed to create something a little bit different home
2:17 in creating this team we needed a certain degree of trust and friendship
2:21 so we decided to partner up with Ceccarelli summary right
2:37 bad news picking a level untidy a settlement body interior shows just how
2:41 much this boat needs to participate in regattas
2:44 its bill we’ve wat mineralization in mind goals by themselves Waimea
2:49 1.5 kilos the finish is minimal
2:52 what we might call the carbon lip what you see is what the hell was riding
2:56 it is also quit however with everything needed for cruising
3:00 a large fridge essential a stovetop a sink
3:04 large storage in hanging facilities for waterproof bags and luggage
3:08 there are also two large double cabins a question in a community pool
3:12 I’m PQ here we are in the stone cabin as you can see
3:15 even here there’s been particular attention to what is really needed
3:19 the cabin has a decent height to it making changing and moving around in
3:23 general
3:24 a lot easier the bed itself can be divided until teed
3:27 according to the angle of the boat and with the addition of Lee Clark’s is
3:31 particularly useful
3:32 if on a beat during ever gasser the ability to adjust the end of the bed not
3:37 only increases the comfort for those sleeping but can help with the balance
3:41 at the boat
3:41 just have a look also hearing about the bed can be transformed into one
3:46 3.5 meter long an ideal area for the kids to play
3:49 passed on the site or and he is another interesting detail
3:53 the doors made from carbon-fiber a bathroom were the incise have its name
3:59 that has an electric toilet made in carbon
4:09 negotiate a yes or no the cushions have been made in collaboration with me to
4:13 see Italia
4:14 who’ve used a particularly lightened weight saving material for the
4:18 staffing and covered them with the material baikal green fiber
4:26 welcome you to the level or just a quick n Easy option transforms the chart table
4:30 into a seating area for two
4:35 here we are at the Bell the bowsprit ease
4:38 laminated and attach directly to the structure about
4:41 in addition there is a storage area something unusual but incredibly useful
4:45 on about this big
4:54 quite easily stop it but the government to ladies at the stoppers
4:58 which are particularly lights and are really strong and the Fox
5:01 they exploit the friction between the shaft and the hell yah
5:05 about to release simply ease of the pressure
5:24 promise ripping on request a price that feeling in a funk bass peek at how we
5:27 can reach this level of performance
5:29 it’s great it’s celebration how easy
5:32 cuts through the waves and its ability to play with on a broad Rachel running
5:37 well it’s a pretty clearly lights yet incredibly rigid but
5:41 home is built in counting fiber but can be pretty impregnated
5:44 will have a infusion treatment
6:01 the phonogram the query popularity incorporate this great attention to
6:05 detail
6:05 cover he is absolutely made to measure waits to the gramm
6:10 a series of really innovative solutions for example the hell ya know and the
6:14 cheat Stoppers
6:15 which are pretty unique
6:27 they go to people who have it I mean fifty
6:29 got on about got commendable and here we are. winwood
6:33 this is a boat as we’ve seen which is truly high-tech
6:36 it has interiors for cruising like this
6:39 it’s a thoroughbred regulations to the millimeter
6:44 sensitive and very interesting angle into the wind
6:47 this is a racing boat and it shows it

A real racer-cruiser

• Neo 400 has been designed with a special attention to the latest evolution of
ORCì and IRC rules.

• We decide to place the performance of the boat in a clean part of the fleet,
in free air, in front of all the cruising boats and behind the TP52.

• CFD has validated the best among a wide range of hull shapes both upwind
and downwind


A powerfull hull with maximized water lenght when sailing upwind at 20° heel
Great righting moment thanks to an heavy deep keel and light full carbon construction
Limited wet surface when sailing in light air
Planing attitude thanks to limited rocker, generous sail area and limited displacement
You will never use the engine even cruising in light air

  • LOA: 12,15m
  • LWL: 11,50m
  • Beam: 3,99m
  • Draft: 2,60/1,60m
  • Displacement Light: 4600Kg
  • Displacement Sailing: 5700Kg
  • Ballast: 2400Kg
  • Crew weight: 700Kg
  • Engine: 30 hp Saildrive
  • Water capacity: 250l
  • Fuel capacity: 75l


Preliminary Data

  • Sail Area Upwind: 105 m2
  • Sail Area Downwind: 225 m2
  • Mainsail: 55 m2
  • Jib: 50 m2
  • Gennaker: 170m2
  • Cat. Design CE : A
  • ORC 2012- Gph (preliminary): 530
  • IRC 2012 — TCF (preliminary): 1.185
  • Concept : Neo Yachts Consulting
  • Design & Naval Architecture:
  • Boatyard: Neo Yachts Composites (Italy)

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