Whether you like to cruise in pairs or hit the water in threes, the Sea-Doo SPARK 2up and Sea-Doo SPARK 3up have got you covered.

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0:11 when are you limine Florida Orlando to be exact
0:16 no longer just you know it but he did you get into a pupil at the city that
0:20 boasts some of the world’s most famous theme parks
0:22 Disney World Universal world and even Sea World
0:27 I’m in a little bit on a teacup pig gate by ticket will lead in Ibn Arabi
0:33 if they don’t mind telling him that he added that it might come to America
0:36 because
0:37 it seems the BRP masters a fun dream
0:40 have invented something new but not wanting to reveal any secrets over the
0:44 phone
0:44 they just called me over to test it out with and here it is
0:48 the completely revolutionary watercraft so much that they aren’t even calling it
0:53 watercraft
0:54 just spark I’m
0:59 you know the the watercraft industry started in 1979
1:04 there what a crap industry reach p about 200,000 units in 1995
1:10 a and sense it had declined
1:14 the watercraft obviously with all the new technology or more expensive
1:20 a and in the mid 90 there was
1:24 concerned about writing be if your day was a traditional two-stroke technology
1:29 and the idea behind this part was to the spark the industry
1:33 and we we force ourselves
1:37 to you love family a watercraft
1:40 that would be more for table for the customers
1:43 fun a easy to you
1:47 and the team have done an incredible job
1:51 to come out with the full family and we’re very confident that we can reach
1:56 are you
2:05 not a little did I know that read the trip the new 900 cubic centimeter engine
2:09 BRP Rotax with
2:11 age technology three-cylinder four valves per chamber
2:14 which of course is electronically injected but again the speech I leading
2:19 me to any special materials and compact dimensions
2:21 make it unbelievably light so it’s easy to move
2:25 even out of the water benefits you need to look innovations at this park is
2:30 brought about a notable decrease in consumption
2:33 for the American market the spark comes in at 4,999
2:38 dollars and there are no competitors I was absolutely nothing so
2:42 economically appealing this sector
2:51 commanded jeera and as it’s light and powerful the most fastest model
2:55 get steam 90 horsepower moving at fifty miles an hour
2:59 or 80 kilometers
3:03 your muscle looking below the spray rails which can be just a high place to
3:07 change the conditions for turning
3:09 depending on your driving style and then as the break
3:25 so we new from our experience in North America
3:28 that what it really took to haven’t industry take off
3:32 and watercraft industry take off wise to have something that was clean
3:37 and fun affordable easy to use and so we took that formula from the nineteen
3:42 nineties
3:42 and applied today but with modern technology the latest technology
3:46 and we managed to do it M the whole idea is
3:50 how do you bring young families out and get them on the water get them in
3:54 joining their families
3:55 and having a good time and with the spark we truly think think we found that
3:59 for me
4:11 without a lot of it’s so easy to ride a jetski
4:14 but you’ve always got to remember the safety catch you
4:18 them
4:29 market but I love you know you mean bit out today National Coming Out not
4:33 problematic with that I don’t think it will fit
4:35 this park is incredibly agile that’s what has been granted full
4:38 to be easy to use and light using innovative materials
4:42 really special in fact like Polytech lights polyethylene
4:46 which is much lighter than fiberglass mold but we’ll be done
4:50 they did not be tolerated equipment you know but they did not but not like I’m
4:53 can’t go to permit
4:54 so it’s easy to transport a new trailer and to lift it up for example
4:58 to carry the cross the beach and of course moving is easier
5:07 do anything they feel they’ve got the deal done deal me I’m not built to
5:11 protect the driver and passengers from the waves
5:13 the bell has been kept quite high and then they’ve made this age that deflects
5:18 the spray
5:18 down as well as the way which in turn keeps the access level
5:22 when the water is choppy time
5:26 ordinary ID with its agility as I said comes from the fact it’s so light
5:31 but also from the fact leading shorter than average water by
5:38 i’m ok did not know but with both bobcat full not making
5:41 yeah meal P have used all the best in technology inspired
5:45 there’s a new 900 cubic centimeter engine which depending on the electronic
5:50 setting
5:50 can supply either up to 60 190 horsepower
5:53 bump
6:01 where to look good
6:03 company name would be label yeah consumption is can’t load
6:07 even the sportiest version consumes about 7 liters an hour
6:10 with average use even if it’s pushed to the limit
6:18 nope neverland getting used to it that’s just what I’m gonna do
6:21 and there’s a boy so it’s just rightful turning at full speed
6:26 just brilliant on
6:32 I’m laughing all
6:44 with everything
6:45 going a lot like ronald you’ve seen how you can use a trials
6:49 downhill like to go downhill well now you can use
6:53 even use a spark
6:57 Miami so smooth over the waves
7:01 go it’s okay like it so early
7:22 I No
7:27 this one was a particular challenge because it it required
7:31 not so much a.m. a new
7:35 a new experience that we were creating but it was taking the experience
7:39 and reconstructing everything
7:42 every single component needed to be re challenged in every way
7:49 in order to meet the objective that confer one objected
7:52 if you think about it you know has new technology
7:57 at the price of the nineteen nineties its
8:00 it’s really and its its offering the same kind of experience that we used to
8:04 provide
8:05 water all machines but better
8:08 in every which way it’s better in
8:12 every way is it’s better in in the
8:15 is it’s better in writing
8:18 in balance instability
8:22 it’s better in cornering there’s no more splash in your eyes
8:26 there’s no more smoke and smell that’s all gone
8:29 it said new experience similar to the past by
8:33 so so so fun an exciting
8:37 them you been a key that he not been paid yet behind been complimentary
8:43 Big Bang they became its ok are you asking why PLP
8:47 has invented a be easy because there wasn’t one before
8:50 and thanks to the way it is with even keep the cost down
8:54 you if you think about it the spark cost harder than normal water bike
8:59 practically the same price as a rhodes cuter great I
9:11 help with the dole home movie of let’s hope that doesn’t mean the performance
9:16 isn’t good literally money
9:26 back yeah because I my happy well if you open it up
9:30 too much it’s like a rally cap its catalogue: but it is brilliant
9:39 directly fingering cradled
9:42 the hydrogen he’s constantly going it holds really world are actually two
9:46 because when he has the push p.m. challenger Jim behind it
9:50 it goes exactly where he wanted to no problem
10:10 the 55 comic book but and then the spark
10:13 like alcee do bikes as a break beyond I knew it
10:16 I’m BRP once again has invented in extraordinary machine
10:21 genius and so much fun this

The Sea-Doo SPARK Rotax 900 ACE engine is the most fuel-efficient on the market, using just 1.94 US gallons (7.34 L) of fuel per hour. The higher-horsepower, faster-accelerating Rotax 900 HO ACE uses just 2.4 US gallons (9 L) per hour.

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