Spirit P40 review

Spirit Yachts has incorporated practicality as well as beauty into the Spirit P40, offering the flexibility of either a luxurious leisure motor cruiser or stylish superyacht tender. This stunning motor yacht shares all the hallmarks of style and technical finesse synonymous with Spirit’s sailing yacht range.

Video subtitles

0:00 so we’re on the spirit he feels he can show which is a beautiful British build
0:09 all wooden
0:11 so the whole itself is made from resiliency with superior bring frames
0:16 and then the deck are made from teak and then he got this beautiful high gloss
0:22 mahogany or around the helm and dashboard including the windscreen frame
0:26 and wheel itself and it’s a very different experience it’s not just the
0:31 look of it is also the feel of it both in terms of the bits you touch and the
0:35 way it drives so let’s take it for a spin and I’ll try and Dentistry
0:50 dunbar 268 its original BMW car block with turbochargers americanized which
0:59 makes for a very smooth engine light it up
1:04 this one is still got slightly oversized brought its only the dalai built in the
1:09 first one they don’t go while so the process a little bit bigger detected at
1:13 a time when each others
1:16 but if we do this
1:30 so we just being a bit of a spin on it feels so different to a GOP voters it’s
1:35 something to do with the way the would absorb some of the noise of these
1:40 slapping that you get from a really solid GOP it feels much more alive a
1:45 little bit curious and almost majestic
1:48 like closest thing I can think of is driving a classic but Peter rolls-royce
1:54 where fields big
1:56 substantial but rides actually very gently in surprisingly sensitive to the
2:01 hell
2:02 so you got back so forty-foot are quite a lot of motor control but it’s a really
2:08 kiryas majestically really


Top Speed: 40 knots
Beam: 9ft 5in (2.87m)
Length Overall: 40ft 4in (12.29m)
Engines: Twin 260hp Yanmar 6BY

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