With the Sport Riva 56’ Riva has taken up a new challenge: giving life to a boat featuring a truly unprecedented concept. This is how this yacht was born, integrating the concepts of fly yachts and the sporty profile of an open boat and skillfully blending them together into Riva style and a “sporty glamour” philosophy. This model has been developed to meet the needs of those Owners that, while wishing to preserve the sporty lines of an open craft, want to enjoy the comfort of an indoor, air-conditioned upper saloon – ideal when cruising in tropical countries – and a fully-equipped pilot station. Thanks to its slim, aggressive profile, the Sport Riva 56′ stands out for its very dynamic look which, together with several particularly innovative solutions, makes of it the perfect example of modern design.

Video subtitles

0:06 on GW today we’re going to sail along a section of the south coast bronze
0:11 more precisely from center paid to Monte Carlo di and what do it
0:14 aboard the school reversed 56 home
0:19 been de- drop but before sitting out let’s have a look
0:22 at the layout abyss but home
0:27 to understand the origin of this model we have to retrace the history the
0:31 shipyard
0:32 starting from the year 2000 when the senate to group
0:35 purchased reader after the company had been owned several years
0:39 by rolls-royce their best to fit at the immediately relaunch the open
0:44 and then decided to undertake the construction big yachts from a 63 for
0:48 vertigo to the 115 for two the net
0:53 0 an intermediate model was lacking
0:57 there were those who would have liked a bigger opened the rival and those who
1:00 would have preferred a less imposing flight and the Bandit is 75
1:04 this gave birth to a new concept the sport fly
1:07 later copied by other shipyards
1:11 the upper deck is a full-fledged flybridge but it has very limited
1:14 dimensions
1:15 so as not to influence the model sporty profile
1:22 the design is from the fascination and like a trademark
1:25 presents an enormous front windows surface typical up almost
1:29 all-big reveals to lighten up the aesthetics
1:32 the junction between the two dates also presents a very original solution
1:36 the connecting stairway is minimal it’s reminiscent of the stairs on fisherman
1:40 boats
1:41 and to shorten it they set against the sofa
1:49 the secret behind such a spacious saloon and a roomy cockpit as well
1:52 is the position at the Ghani located on the lower deck
1:56 one might imagine that it’s fairly cramped because it where it’s placed
1:59 but that’s not the case because it receives plenty of natural light
2:03 in
2:12 below deck the compartmentation holds a few surprises
2:15 in addition to the three cabins the guest there is one for a crew member
2:19 carved out in the middle of the boat with access from the galley
2:25 the two guest cabins are very similar but one has to fix twin beds
2:29 while upon request the other can have sliding beds
2:32 the join to form a double so as to adopt the boat to the needs of the guests
2:37 and not vice versa the most the cabin is located at the Bell
2:42 and has a traditional layout but the furnishing is special in typical reverse
2:46 style
2:48 the most the bathroom is accessible only from the sweet
2:51 what the guests there is another barred
2:59 cost up media ninety dealer see on the south coast of france
3:03 school where at Central Pay everybody will be heading north east to Monte
3:07 Carlo
3:10 snowmobiler set to leave the courtroom Center pay
3:14 in the kitchen and knowing that the boat is 17 and a half meters long
3:18 4.6 meters wide and weighs 28 points six times
3:22 not terribly loud but remember its gonna fly project
3:30 I think that the leg or britain’s Andy got even big pleasure boats have sought
3:34 shelter in the Gulf love central pain
3:37 and for good reason today the scene when conditions
3:41 aunt ideal for sailing and on our route towards Montecarlo
3:44 we going to be taking the waves in the wind on the back now
3:50 has pleaded with a man can’t do anything or did not base to propel this boat
3:54 to exclusive man units are used 900 horsepower v8
4:00 their engines with very highly reliable
4:03 common rail fuel supply systems and quite limited
4:06 something out nasty morning I’m not watching today we come push the boat to
4:10 the maximum
4:11 because at the sea conditions but the shipyard
4:14 declares it has a top speed of thirty-four knots
4:19 developer to the no I we’re traveling at 70 knots now
4:23 the engines are 1800 reps a minute
4:26 and the fuel consumption is a total of 185 liters per hour
4:30 this is a figure that we have to consider much worse than what you
4:33 usually get
4:34 in more favorable conditions in this case with waves have at least two meet
4:40 at 9
4:41 I’ve adjusted the flaps to about 70 percent if they’re on three
4:44 I could lower the more but it would be useless because I have an excellent view
4:48 even in front about the horizon is seemed perfectly and in the water where
4:53 I’m going to be sailing
4:54 unable to monitor even the closest ways began to use the accelerator in
4:59 consequence
5:01 let’s try to be a little more daring to keep these engines
5:04 little more few interesting do it we pressed the gas lever and bring %uh
5:08 speed
5:08 2000 rest a minute
5:13 this company I should
5:14 both even manages to skin the waves to semen even more regular train
5:18 this way maybe we’ll pitch less to here in 2000 rest a minute
5:23 and the speed is 25 No
5:27 same brain others that you boss I the low-speed isn’t always the best
5:31 naturally a strategy has to be to find the ideal speed
5:35 so as not to make the guests onboard suffer a place and not too stressed
5:39 about
5:44 as the sole sale turned out to be even easier than expected
5:47 by respecting face at the sea and adjusting the train
5:51 speeder function at the waves with the boat like this one
5:54 everything can become as easy as drinking a glass of water

Riva SportRiva 56 specifications

Length overall  57 ft 8 in
Engines  MAN V8-900 CR
Engine HP  2 x 900
Propulsion  Shaft Drive
Max speed  32 knots
Cabins (ex crew)  3
Berths (ex crew)  6
Crew  1

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