Suzukino 380 Revew

XRC 380 is the top of the range, the tenders. The abatement system of the engine is electrohydraulic
and controlled by means of remote control.
It guarantees maximum comfort with six comfortable seats, performance at high levels and is also equipped with bilge pump and hydraulic steering.

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0:01 world
0:10 seem like a majority
0:11 the sun is just come on over Lego match your e so there’s enough time to have a
0:15 coffee
0:15 and we’re off
0:28 come up if I do my god I’m but partly cloudy this lightly here for quite
0:32 unusual competition
0:33 whereas we are usually competing against the clock today
0:36 tom is with us we are challenging fueled
0:39 publicity don’t want to report back in a comically
0:48 argument among remember how to use a portable engine like this one
0:51 a manual with no battery gingiva throttle
0:54 just take off the safety cake California C
1:04 I’m
1:05 the do
1:13 I could make the complete series the boat in which I’m going to attempt this
1:16 insurance record
1:17 the sousa keynote 380 open food it’s a 20 horsepower Suzuki DF
1:29 tricky tricky and I now think I am old local stores up your
1:33 everything ok some people say that sailing is a very expensive sport and I
1:37 say
1:37 well it depends on how much but you use my ally
1:40 in today’s challenge against expensive fuel consumption is the Suzuki 20
1:44 horsepower engine area
1:46 with it’s the only one in each category empowered by electronic ignition
1:51 all the others still have carburetors
2:05 there and I got it from local majority of gambling about to navigate like
2:08 omaggio re
2:09 we have just 12 liters in this portable reservoir and it is pretty much full
2:18 in with any food the piano sonata deeper both the thought yeah I got this is a
2:22 keno models all produced in Italy
2:24 the series continues to grow and it stands apart for its handling
2:27 likeness and well-planned
2:37 the boats can vary from 195 23 180 centimetres in length
2:41 can take engines up to 40 horsepower
2:46 they come with inflatable or slatted floors and with fiberglass hulls
2:50 depending on what the boat is going to be used
2:55 and let’s not forget the you can carry the smallest models
2:57 in the shoulder bag
3:06 the bigger models come with the helm so of course they are
3:10 a little more comfortable the other boats a driven with the out bull bar
3:23 if you want to use the boat
3:24 and then store them in a boatyard you can get a version with a folding transom
3:28 which allows you to lay the outboard across the floor
3:39 the city’s Aquino XRC 380 even comes with a remote control
3:43 the controls the electric engine a big luxury
3:56 the makers have tried to make the bite as light as possible
3:59 and the bulk of the a chambers rather cheap to make from a very durable
4:03 polyester that his company a plastic
4:17 one of the things that make the city keen a unique in its market
4:20 other flaps found on the 320 and 380
4:23 which help stop about rising up so far when the boat is planing on coming
4:27 against waves
4:36 the engine is included in the category of portable
4:39 because it is theoretically possible to mount and on mount and transported
4:43 easily
4:43 be big but I’m
4:47 want to feel good on Medical Ctr keep your of the company
4:50 you know anyways forty four kilos which is pretty love you think about the
4:53 technology
4:54 go to display a reminder of for more nato to meet the old two strokes per
4:59 litre
4:59 but no less consumption even this month well there’s no comparison with this
5:03 more than four stroke
5:09 world
5:12 with 0 for Tebow to 40 do it in the eighth grade came to the Apple is only
5:20 two cylinders
5:21 327 cubic centimeters soaking to
5:24 is not very big which makes it is light it is the injection system that keeps
5:29 talking
5:29 and power when needed
5:37 punished enough to get the cat may be in a study party I could feel like on Pino
5:41 picking up home increasing consumption is maximized because there is a high
5:46 pressure pump
5:47 finally to my sister few for better performance and heat exchanger
5:52 that constantly to increase the deal
6:00 we already know you got three hours sailing and the reservoir is still fill
6:04 at this rate I’m never going to get through all these petrol there’s only
6:07 one way to consume more
6:08 met go as fast as I can
6:12 on
6:16 G
6:20 do 22 knots full-throttle
6:24 reading the engine info it says that the maximum consumption is six lead is an
6:28 hour
6:28 but that’s under pretty exaggerated conditions in test conditions
6:33 when the propellers a blocked by a break like if we were sailing with a full boat
6:37 if you were cruising with two or three people on board the consumption would be
6:41 a lot lower
6:53 you did it again but did not know with Commodore and the Fed
6:56 with the engineers who designed this agent teenagers a very simple and
6:59 reliable distribution system
7:01 yankee a single shaft without valves per cylinder aramony’s also
7:05 light with little friction colleges interesting discussion
7:09 pointing such low power don’t forget I think that this engine is
7:12 also sold with minimum of 15 horsepower No
7:16 well
7:21 the new
7:23 I get with the people of body body body you cannot not technology I mean a bad
7:27 name
7:28 even a small helpful with a dot Suzuki’s original technology
7:32 lean burn technology gonna crack meant a middle name brand may not heal up
7:37 watch allows you to lead the fuel mixture these
7:40 it puts less you in the and fumes special been driving
7:44 at a constant speed %uh
7:47 leavin technology was originally developed for lodgings
7:51 but is now readily available on the small ones this is not only good for
7:56 reduced power consumption
7:57 but so into the mine to the environment I was emissions
8:23 to meet up my own property the sun is setting and it’s getting a little chilly
8:27 weeks I’ll the whole day and navigated the lake from north to south
8:31 and released a waste and will still have potential I wonder when it will end
8:54 I’m

The interiors are bright and spacious, making it absolutely comfortable; flaps in acciaio sono regolabili e consentono di ottimizzare l’assetto del battello sulla base della distribuzione dei pesi , facilitandone la planata ; the bilge pump and the steering complete the equipment standard. The result is a boat with an excellent performance.


XRC 380 – Lunghezza: 380 cm
XRC 380 – Larghezza: 170 cm
XRC 380 – Diametro dei tubolari: 45 cm
XRC 380 – Peso a secco: 160 kg
XRC 380 – Capacità massima (persone): 6
XRC 380 – Capacità massima (kg): 700 kg
XRC 380 – Applicabilità motore fuoribordo: fino a 40 cv
XRC 380 – Potenza massima applicabile: 40 cv (30 kW)
XRC 380 – Peso massimo motore: 110 kg
XRC 380 – Gambo: L
XRC 380 – Presenza Flap: SI
XRC 380 – Categoria CE: C

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