Swan 80 Review

The new Frers-designed Swan 80 is a good case in point. Here is a boat that is intended to be both a racing and a cruising boat. This has been Swan’s approach as long as I can remember.

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0:09 7 prison pellicano need to introduce the now to boat yard
0:13 finish based maker of some of the most glorious posts ever made
0:17 in the history of sailing they started with big designs from Sparkman &
0:21 Stephens
0:22 another boats a branded German friends someone from the Panthers
0:26 eighty-foot a on Fisher Island in Miami which is going to be exported residence
0:39 with american out back on the internet but because I’ve been around in the
0:42 process
0:43 Muzaffar apopka this boat was made with a distinctive mission
0:47 to be a big day cruiser to do club regattas and generally have fun
0:51 especially throughout the night
0:53 obviously for its dimensions
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1:03 one mass cruising I wanted about that was well-maintained
1:08 instruction was great very seaworthy and that’s way
1:13 and i wanna somebody behind it
1:16 cases one with the service and everything always love these birds
1:21 this is actually my second 1i hands 1601
1:25 for about a year
1:28 we love the way the boat sailed
1:32 way
1:38 the boat this detail dutifully the boat sales
1:41 beautifully a wasn’t nice helm
1:44 you can tell you can tell more sense only get behind the wheel
1:47 have nothing experience chain drive it for two minutes to get you have the feel
1:51 and I was when I got on this but I said
1:54 way it’s it’s it’s beautiful said we do a lot today sailing down here we have a
1:59 and one reason for getting this bow was a
2:01 about that could take the ocean take the C
2:05 we have quite a bit when down here we have being see
2:08 Anna I needed something was powerful enough that I know on sale in that kinda
2:14 weather
2:14 20 to 30 knots
2:22 them on I remembered my thought out in the group and moving on
2:26 if I clinical my with attacking and the wind is at 10 knots
2:31 it’s easy to reach double figures in this by like go over 10
2:35 624 meters a common a very refined billed for a particular brand
2:39 for an owner in losses sailing he said many regatta boats and hoes
2:44 to ask from mountain
2:49 sings Bernard to say this but this boat is very easy to handle
2:52 that which means that the German phrase design and construction itself was very
2:57 accurate
3:01 prefer all the maneuvers are assisted which means the
3:05 when she’s a hydraulic most likely coffee grinders from yesteryear don’t
3:09 exist anymore
3:10 the ones that’s men had with muscles the ones that they needed to move
3:14 now it’s just convenient buttons
3:20 ivory ball much going on with mast and boom are too if the elements that
3:23 demonstrate the
3:24 utmost in technology obviously constructed like the rest
3:28 quoting carbon so what makes a good marks I’m como a slight
3:32 but also very rigid on light enough so it doesn’t like the motorist
3:36 region against the force of the wind in
3:40 legrand equally tenneco’s with journalist covering kinda monyela
3:45 including a miniature to the quality of the carbon build
3:49 possibilities speed can be seen inside where traditional
3:53 now two would work fits in seamlessly with this whole idea
3:56 likeness
3:58 communities can we do you wanna Kamina adamantly and how does
4:01 all planned out there’s the onus camping at the bow to double cabins in the
4:05 middle of the boat
4:06 the crew area at the stern so the usual for greased
4:17 engineer compromise apologetic to confirm a psychologist the kitchen is
4:22 the only place that compromises in this feeling of lightness and speed
4:25 is everything you need 14 for just and ample everything else
4:29 you can see why this boat can really crews way
4:36 family community level this is the owner’s cabin boldly no
4:39 means that it occupies the whole in the bud
4:42 where the bow here you don’t feel the same so much
4:46 especially when it’s chopping me obviously there’s a big bathroom and
4:49 simple drapes
4:53 numbers by means that this is have a look at the Justin same beecham
4:56 a walk we have a lot to think that the map table is minimalist
5:00 a little entity once upon a time on boats like this it would have been for
5:04 love instrumental
5:05 now it’s all on one screen with one control where all member nations
5:08 data be found personal radar indicated skimpy superimposed over a map bullshit
5:13 physicians could be transmitted via I S so in short
5:17 it’s all under control are 1
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5:30 compete with bigger in the backyard all these big boat 7 area for guests away
5:34 from any dangers
5:35 in that those no machinery or anything that can be annoying
5:38 and most maybe the threat of allied if the city is restless
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The 80’s character is heavily dependent on the IMS rule. It’s available in three models: a Swan-type wedge deck in a midcockpit aft or centered configuration, and a raised-saloon deck. The racing-oriented owner would probably choose the midcockpit-aft type to keep sail-handling chores nearby. Due to space limitations, I’m going to restrict my review comments to the centered-midcockpit version, a good layout for racing or cruising.

LOA 80’3″;
LWL 68’11”;
Beam 19’5″;
Draft 12’4″ (light), 12’6″ (loaded);
Displacement 79,400 lbs. (light), 88,200 lbs. (loaded);
Ballast 26,500 lbs.;
Sail Area 3,055 sq. ft.;
SA/D 26.46 (light), 24.66 (loaded);
D/L 108 (light), 120 (loaded);
L/B 4.13;
Auxiliary 220-horsepower diesel;
Fuel 528 gals.;
Water 264 gals., 21 gals. (hot), 1200 gals. (watermaker per 24 hours).


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