Yamaha 242 Limited 2011

The 2011 Yamaha 242 Limited is an agile jet boat that is ready to play every time you fire up its engines. Talking about the engines, the Yamaha 242 Limited is propelled by a two 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 16-valve High Output Yamaha Marine engines with a displacement of 1812cc (each). The engines are fed by a pretty generous fuel tank that has a capacity of 50 GAL.

Video subtitles

0:04 the opinions expressed in the video you are about to see
0:07 are solely those a boat s dot com and its test captain
0:12 your heart tells us that they’ve designed the 242 limited
0:14 with top-end features as well as great handling today
0:17 we’re going to see how they’ve done a complete test in water p.m. had 242
0:22 limited at length overall a 23 feet 6 inches
0:25 a beamer beat beat six inches in a draft at sixteen inches
0:28 betray way with three thousand for 139 pounds
0:31 if your capacity with fifty point to gallant with a pair of 1812 CC high
0:37 output Yamaha marine engines
0:38 are 240 to limit it was driven to a top speed of 51.9 miles per hour
0:43 at that speed we were burning 23-point to gallons per hour
0:46 and getting 2.24 miles per gallon for Ranger 101 miles
0:51 for best cruise we found two sets the numbers
0:54 won for best speed and won for best economy at 6000rpm
0:58 we’re in a thirty 7.4 miles per hour with an 11-point five gallon per hour
1:02 fuel burn
1:03 that’s for best speed at 5500
1:06 we were cruising at thirty 1.7 miles per hour with a 9.8 gallon per hour fuel
1:10 burn
1:10 that’s best economy in both cases we were getting 3.2 miles per gallon
1:15 in a ranger 147 miles so it really depends on whether you’re running a
1:19 short distance to go in for the long haul
1:21 it short run at 5500 it going the distance
1:24 right at 6000rpm here’s where the excitement kicked in
1:28 we reach planing speeded 2.4 seconds an accelerated through thirty miles per
1:32 hour in 4.2 seconds
1:34 beginning a tour all the way up forward
1:38 up we have a combination
1:42 anchor locker in four steps Beach boarding ladder the department itself
1:46 draining unnoticed up
1:49 the stainless steel latch in hinges now I think we have to give Yamaha very high
1:54 marks for is as comfortable Bowie area
1:56 it’s it’s just like a regular bowel writer does grab rails on either side
2:01 drink all this in the corner but there’s so much more to the picture than that
2:04 take a look
2:05 yum has put a lot of thought into their belts eating and use the space very well
2:09 by raging the questions in various positions you can create seeding the way
2:13 you like it
2:13 plenty of leg room between the seats almost as much as you would find in a
2:19 deck boat 27 inches at its widest
2:22 for those times when it’s a little cooler even close up the windshield
2:27 and open up the starboard side storage door to close up the walkthrough
2:30 and block the wind nicely the port side storage is large enough to be used as a
2:34 changing room or perhaps with the simple addition a port-a-potty you have a head
2:37 over on the starboard side the storage under the console
2:40 while spacious had steering cables to protrude always into the free space
2:45 now has gone had made a very uncomplicated helm for the 242 limited
2:49 to tack on matters with the speedometer in the middle but the tax are smart tax
2:53 here multifunction gauges and you can scroll through a number of different
2:56 features
2:57 the GPS multifunction gauges allow you to cycle through
3:00 eighteen different functions including gap water temp
3:03 heading speed and real time fuel consumption the
3:08 engine controls are mounted on a 45-degree angle which a found a little
3:12 bit awkward when sitting up on the bolster when you’re down on the seat
3:15 it’s okay
3:16 sitting up high I ended up having to move my hand it’s
3:19 come up in working the controls that way
3:22 Yamaha made up for that by adding no wait mode in Crysis bun
3:26 you just put the Ronald in gear and now you can incrementally
3:30 add or subtract speed in no way quote or add power and get yourself up to cruise
3:35 cruise assist and you can also incrementally adds or subtracts p
3:39 even a cruise speed
3:42 the captain gets a very comfortable bucket seat that swivels
3:45 and goes for it after
3:48 the seat identical to the captain’s wrap-around
3:51 flip-up bolster it also spins around so you can face after being observer for
3:56 the skating
3:57 tubing wakeboarding give you a good seating area for one
4:02 2345 six people in this cock pit
4:05 notice the self draining cockpit scupper not only
4:09 does it drain the cockpit in short order but instead of leading the water into
4:12 the bilge
4:13 pipes it directly overboard out the transom because Yamaha has is low
4:17 profile jet drive engines they’re able to take such good advantage
4:20 this aft ransom patio make such a comfortable sitting area
4:25 when you’re sitting up on this upper-level or down on this lower level
4:29 putting your gear on
4:30 notice that there’s another base for putting a table in making it into a
4:34 little dining area
4:35 drink all those on both sides a stereo remote
4:38 and a freshwater shower that’s our full test in what drove the 242 limited from
4:44 hammer
4:44 protest that come and get them to the we’ll see when the water


Engine Type Twin 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, 16-valve High Output Yamaha Marine engines
Displacement 1812cc/each
Impeller 3 blade, stainless steel
Length 23’ 6”
Beam 8’6”
Draft 16”
Dry Weight: 242 Limited 3519 lbs.
242 Limited 3439 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 50.2 gal./Regular Unleaded
Storage 746.5 gal
Capacity 11 persons
Dead Rise 20º


Yamaha 24-foot boats are the first Yamaha boat to be powered by two of Yamaha’s
1812cc four-stroke Yamaha Marine engines. These engines deliver industry-leading 0-
30 MPH acceleration and greater top speed performance than comparable stern drive

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